Royal Navy Traitor to Face Death Penalty?

Perhaps the Brits should consider the death penalty in the case of Royal Navy submariner, Petty Officer Edward Devenney. It’ll discourage these sort of affairs. Which appear to be cropping up more frequently than I seem to remember. Private Bradley Manning is a no brainer for curb-side recycling and maybe dumb Edward falls into this category too. Please ignore the usual cluelessness about rank in the headline of the Daily Mail article. I would say something complimentary about the officer corps, but it has been a rough four days for us. And don’t me started on Arabic linguists, not after James F. Hitselberger’s shenanigans.

6 thoughts on “Royal Navy Traitor to Face Death Penalty?”

  1. Sadly we no longer have Capital Punishment; though Treason against the Crown during the period of War (after the Declaration for War has been signed) was punishable by hanging up until the 50’s.

    The Royal Dockyards Act does allow hanging for the crime of Arson; it is highly unlikely that it would actually be enforced.

    This Royal Navy ‘sun-dodger’ will catch a heavy sentence; he deserves every day of it without any privileges. After which he will be unemployable for the remainder of his life. This means the state (tax payers) will have to look after him; ensuring full housing benefit, dole money, free National Health Care, etc, etc… Sigh!

    Yours Aye.

  2. We here in the US just voted ourselves into that very existence, Ex Bootneck…free enterprise along with freedom and individual liberty will soon be a thing of the past…at least those leftist ideologues who think they’ve won believe it….I think all that poverty and mediocrity of the soul is about to hit our middle class…of course, those of us who still believe in our freedom, will continue to soldier and fight on; but when you actually see the face of evil in our own legislators and a bunch of people who are too smart for their own good, sometimes it’s possible to wonder what they really have faith in…it can’t be God…so obviously, it’s their own flawed selves and that’s primarily the left’s big problem…we’ve already witnessed their hubris and their theft of our freedom…they’re not that intelligent as it turns out…just self-satisfied in their own intellectual superiority….k

    1. Kristen, I believe the wheel will be reinvented after rock bottom has been touched…

      Real values, true tradition and the moral standards that have served us so well in the past will eventually come back; though in a slightly different format. We will recognise it when it happens.

      Yours Aye.

      1. And dear Sir, I certainly hope you’re right…and I do hope it occurs before those nasty Islamic Fascist jihadists annihilate us for our Judeo-Christian values and we stand up to them and fight them until they’re dead and gone….I think it will be touch and go for a while, but the outcome will be worth it….take care and keep fighting the good fight….k

  3. EB: It is too bad you don’t have the death penalty. I think it a great deterrent.
    Kris: Touch and go for awhile. I hope we get beyond it.

  4. The fellow may have been told that he couldn’t become an officer because of organisation restructuring.

    The obvious reality is that the navy (even today’s navy) simply doesn’t want the kind of person whos own lawyer described him as a ‘cad and a chancer’ (according to the article) anywhere near the wardroom. He sounds unreliable and unsuitable for command.

    The secrets this man was trying to give away are so important to national security that the death penalty is well deserved.

    The navy is also partly responsible for staying so loyal to this loose cannon by keeping him for so long in a position of trust.

    (BTW. It is no small coincidence that the first thing the old “Labour” govenment did was abolish the death penalty for treason to the state.)

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