California State Marine Corps

A certain state department in California has been rocked by a financial scandal that saw $54 million chipmunked away for possibly nefarious uses. So, if you’re Governor Brown (my apologies if you are), who you gonna call? The California State Marine Corps.

8 thoughts on “California State Marine Corps”

  1. “He has been a proponent of the military’s need to continue to invest in alternative energy sources to power its bases and its vehicle fleets, for environmental and national security reasons.”

    I read about this earlier today at work. I wondered why Governor Moonbeam appointed a Marine and now I know why. I’m sure the Maj. General will do an outstanding job…

  2. Problem is, these folks (and I use the term loosely) still reside in the Land of Oz…using solar and wind is a promise that cannot and will not be fulfilled with the current technology….and besides that is going backwards into the Dark Ages and not forward, no matter what they articulate….as a result, it remains fictional nonsense….along with all the government subsidies resulting in real world bankruptcies….k

  3. A Marine Flag in charge of anything in California (even if he is a PC little kitty)? Countdown to “harrassment” & “hostile work environement” law suits in 10-9-8…. Call the W-A-A-A-ambulance muy pronto!

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