Bloggers, Take Note

Very very infrequently, the blogposts around here get silly. Laugh all you want, but this ridiculous post drew over 100 hits the last two days. . .

6 thoughts on “Bloggers, Take Note”

  1. I see where I commented on it myself; and I really forgot that I had….well, we all know how entertaining you are….may your blog never fail….and may you continue to be fruitful and multiply…..k

  2. The best way to watch the Italian Job is to watch the original (Michael Caine) first, then a few days later watch the newer one (Charlize Theron).

  3. Weird…so do you know why? The upside is that your blog is getting more hits and that’s always a good thing.

  4. ROn19: I have never seen the original. I will, one of these days!
    Lauren: I am quite well known, in very small circles, as the got-to blogger for Brazilian wax news. (And I think there are rumors about the movie starting up again.)

  5. I loved “The Italian Job” and bought the DVD. I would definitely see “The Brazilian Job” – maybe even a Brazilian times.

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