Aiden’s Two Daddies

Tell me, does this caption make any sense:

Army Sgt. Neil Casey reunites with his 1-year-old son, Aiden, his father, Kevin Casey, and wife, Anneliese Casey, after he returned home from a nine-month tour to Afghanistan on Monday at Fort Carson in Colorado. Fort Carson celebrated Veterans Day by welcoming back 250 soldiers from the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, who were serving in Afghanistan since February.

How many fathers does little Aiden have? Is this the new normal?

Actually (seconds before publishing), it appears Kevin is the Sergeant’s father. Kevin, you look young! Keep on – keeping on. Whatever you are doing, it’s working. I thought you were (like) thirty. And one of Sergeant Casey’s high school buddies.

3 thoughts on “Aiden’s Two Daddies”

  1. Hmm, rather confusing! I recently received an email inviting me to an open house where different people would be selling Avon, Pampered Chef, Stanley, and Creative Memories. These were listed along with the seller’s names. The commas were confusing (Oh wait! What commas?!) And so I asked the sender of the email, “Who is Selena Avon?” when actually, it was Selena who was selling Avon. Everyone laughed at me. I’m not saying that I always get punctuation or spelling right, but they are important. There is a big difference in “Feeling you’re nuts” and “Feeling your nuts.”

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