The Squirrel Whisperer

Mary Krupa, Squirrel Whisperer

A freshman at Penn State University, Mary Krupa has a special talent. She puts hats on animals and takes pictures of them. Squirrels in particular. Hence her nickname: the Squirrel Whisperer. With all that has occurred at Penn State, I suppose Mary Krupa’s story is one of the more feelgood tales to come out of Happy Valley. And we really gotta squirrel those away.

6 thoughts on “The Squirrel Whisperer”

  1. Does anyone happen to notice how thirteen she looks?? Maybe that’s the reason kids will be on their parent’s health insurance plans until they’re twenty-six….great…what’s the purpose of this anyway?…she has enough time on her hands to do this nonsensical crap and not study?….I see a problem here…or is it just me?? Wasting time isn’t something I find much use for this and this pre-occupation of a college freshmen is a colossal waste of time…she must be bored….k

  2. Does she know that some squirrels carry the Bubonic Plague virus? It looks like somebody didn’t get the memo….

  3. CP: I draw the line at chipmunks. Showering with squirrels is a bit much.
    Kris: Ha ha, my thoughts too.
    Lauren: Good point. A dangerous activity.

  4. Does she not realise that squirrels are the Leatherman ‘Surge’ super-tool of the rodent Sciuridae tribe?

    Heavens above; she should count her fingers after every feed & photograph session.

    (Says I, after opening my index finger to the bone yesterday)!!!

    Yours Aye.
    (Typing slowly as I keep hitting three keys at a time with my bandaged finger).

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