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When signing a celebrity gift, who wrote: From one Muslim to another? One hint, it was a television star, known for his portrayal of military heroes. (No judgment on my part concerning the veracity of either claim. . .)

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  1. Quoting the Daily Mail newspaper,

    “The Old Etonian Actor Damian Lewis has revealed that he dedicated a DVD box set of his hit show Homeland to President Obama with the words: ‘From one Muslim to another.’
    The actor made the poor taste gag on the Johnathon Ross chat-show on Saturday night where he discussed his role of Sgt. Nicholas Brody in the popular drama series Homeland”.

    The show should be renamed after Thomas Crapper…

    Yours Aye.

    1. That is to say that the ‘Jonathan Ross’ show should be renamed after Thomas Crapper (he is yet another over paid ‘celeb’ that is up his own a**)!

  2. I always marvel at the bad taste of the left everywhere…these people are so arrogantly ignorant….it’s absolutely amazing they cannot see how offensive and obnoxious they really are…Hollywood celebrities or any celebrities believe themselves to be smarter than the average bear …and they’re so blindingly stupid, it’s almost embarrassing to be a witness to their continuing gaffes….but then again, we have Joe Biden, the amazing head of the Clown Circus in DC….and no one could be more qualified for that role of Court Jester than Joe, the Magical Biden…..what say all of you??….k

  3. Damian Lewis first made his name ‘over here’ through the excellent series of ‘Band of Brothers’.
    It popped every ones clogs when it was revealed that he was in fact English, and was educated at Eton College, the counteries oldest traditional Public Boarding School. (Which has also educated generations of the British aristocracy and members of the Royal family, the most recent being Prince William and his brother Prince Harry).

    Our man Damian was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and actually speaks the Queens english as posh as Charles, William & Harry do. Though he keeps that in private, in public he lays a false accent by speaking ‘mockney’, which is a mixture of poor posh & false cockney. Because of this he is regarded as a decent enough chap but a false kind of guy.

    His announcement of the present for ‘Barry’ went down like a lead balloon over here, (making Damian as unpopular as ‘Barry’), it was not the present that went against the grain, it was the fact he was molly coddling up to him that created the ill feeling.
    Please don’t forget that we had umpteen years of a socialist government that almost bankrupt the country, and almost destroyed the infrastructure due to the lax immigration laws they introduced (and then lied about the figures they let in).

    We have not forgotten the devastation it created to this once ‘Great Britain’; some thing that is slowly returning.

    Jonathan Ross is a talentless bloated vulgar celebrity who is over paid and unpopular. His show is crap, and yet it is placed on saturday prime time TV (the viewing ratings appear to drop each weekend, so it may be destined for the dustbin).

    It dismays me to the point that I no longer watch TV, albeit for documentaries or for factual docudramas.
    (Who are the Kardashin’s that are over here at the moment, what do they do except steal oxygen)?

    In general celebrities over here are not idolised and worshipped, except by the very young and those of limited intelligence. Celebrities who also mix with politics are now feeling the wrath of the general public; they need to choose one career over the other.

    Another bandwagon they are jumping onto is ‘Help for Heroes’, which is more for self publicity than supporting the real deal. (There are those who offer genuine support, who do not seek the publicity, they remain few in number).

    In my previous comment I mixed irony as well as a touch of toilet humour; I apologise at my failure to create a wry smile, perhaps it is too much for a Monday.

    Yours Aye.

  4. EB: I am not familiar with Ross, but I’ve always appreciated the work of Damian Lewis. I was stunned when his Major Winters was revealed to be an Englishman. Sad to see that he has a big-mouth.
    Old NFO: More sighing. . .
    CP: I never watched the show to begin with.
    Kris: Hollywood is becoming more nauseating as time goes by.

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