Darth Vader Is in the Navy!

A Navy reservist by the name of Justin Whyte surprised his son by dressing as Darth Vader for a Stars Wars party. I wonder if he said: Luke (deep breath), I am your father.

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  1. To this day and beyond; the Jane Fonda ‘thing’ should make every one furious, she should be regarded as a traitor to her country. But as usual ‘Its a celebrity thing’ (just lift the carpet a little, while I sweep this dust under it)…

    We have several of her ilk over here, one in particular is the (arrogant champagne socialist) politician George Galloway; (aka Gorgeous George), who famously went across to Iraq and met and socialised with Saddam Hussein as well as Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-‘Gaddafi’ in Libya.

    (Hmmm, thinking about it now; he may just have the touch of death about him).

    Perhaps he may think of visiting Syria very soon and shake hands with Bashar Hafez al-‘Assad’!

    NavyOne, any other dictators you can think of that Gorgeous George could visit?
    (I will start the ball rolling by suggesting he starts with the Taliban and Al Qaeda Leaders, and then perhaps stays the weekend with Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe).

    Yours Aye.

    1. Dohhhhhhhhh!

      Took me eye off the ball there for a second and posted my comment incorrectly Please talk amongst yourselves, normal service will resume shortly.

  2. Done that myself several time, ExBootneck. And that is a cool way to come home. I am always moved at the videos of the returning vets meeting the kids. The most moving for me was the Marine who returned to have is autistic son walk out to meet him who could not walk at all when he left for his deployment. Tear jerker for sure.

    1. Coffeypot, I absolutely agree with you on the Marine and his son, it was a moment that made me feel proud to be part of the human race.

  3. Lou: Me too.
    EB: Ach, I’ve done that before. I’ll leave it here because you commented at the other post.
    CP: Glad to see we are in good company.

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