A Park in Korea

If you’ve ever groaned at a title over here, know that I had no hand in the writing of this one: Flushed with pride, Korea celebrates toilet theme park. The park is called the Restroom Cultural Park.

6 thoughts on “A Park in Korea”

  1. Thomas Crapper was born in Yorkshire in 1836. (Who? I hear you say).

    I think he would be flushed with enthusiasm at the sight of such an amenity.

    Thomas gave the world his surname to remember him by (though slightly shortened).

    Ladies & Gentlemen I gave you the following link to one of the worlds innovative and most modest of inventors…


    Yours Aye.

    1. No, Ex-Bootneck and an emphatic no…I know who Thomas Crapper is or was…he built the first toilet…that’s why it was called the crapper….after him…those of us who are further down the historical chain find this little bit of amusement at his name, but it all preceded us in the form of an anecdotal story of his engineering of the first workable toilet and the plumbing involved in its design…a marvel of modern engineering….an amazing feet of modernity…have to tip our collective hat to the man, a genius in fact and in expression….k

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