Wild Horses

Today’s quiz, if you choose to accept, is below. Who are these mystery siblings?

Wild, wild horses couldn’t drag me away. . .

8 thoughts on “Wild Horses”

  1. This is what happens when the ideology you espouse centers on something other than an appreciation of and a love of freedom…at least for Helen Thomas…I thought I heard she was distantly related to Danny Thomas…what a commentary that is…what a sad and pathetically ugly human being….I have to wonder what her attributes were as a younger woman…isn’t she in her nineties?….neither of these people look like they are in great shape….whatever it is that bothers Helen Thomas has certainly eaten her up and all the ugliness is projected outward….she remains an extremely nasty & spiteful human being….no surprises there….k

  2. Kris: I forgot that she may be related to Danny. He is a great American. She, not so much.
    CP: Nope, Halloween is 24/7/365 around here.

    1. Actually, I looked her up in her younger days and for back then she was quite an attractive woman when she was in her twenties and thirties…but what could have happened to someone like that to make her so ugly a human being…and I can hypothesize what…who can’t ? such a shame and a pitiable excuse to turn so nasty….k

  3. So the other day I was reading an article at the Daily Caller that claimed conservative women are prettier than liberal women. I think they are on to something…
    I like The Sundays’ version of Wild Horses….

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