Free the USS Pueblo

Rick Rogala, a Sailor who served aboard the USS Pueblo (AGER-2), is starting a campaign to free the US ship from North Korean control. On Veterans Day, that certainly sounds like a worthy goal.  He was one of 83 Sailors captive for eleven months over there. . .

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    1. It was an utter debacle. The ship’s skipper came out to speak at a Navy Day Ball I went to ten years ago. CDR Lloyd Bucher. A good man.

  1. I genuinely empathise with Rick Rogola on this day, which for here in the UK & Europe is Remembrance Sunday.

    Only those who have sea service under their belt would understand his feelings for the USS Pueblo, especially under the circumstances in which she now lies alongside in North Korea.

    Unfortunately you have to get into the mindset of the ‘North Koreans’ who are really the puppets of the Russians & Chinese. The USS Pueblo is a ‘NK’ cold war propaganda trophy, if it receives international attention it could become an embarrassing reminder of past history. ‘NK’ would gain kudos from what they see as a past victory for communism over imperialist capitalism; they will wheel out all of the old newsreels and open old political wounds that will benefit no one but ‘NK’.

    Let sleeping dogs lie, for now…
    One day it may be possible for the South Koreans to establish open dialogue and use the USS Pueblo as a face saving tool between both nations, thus allowing its release back to the original owner.

    To put it bluntly.
    The USS Pueblo was an intelligence asset that was handled incorrectly (without apportioning blame on anyone) those of us that have worked in that field will understand that such assets are always at risk.

    Upon her capture I have no doubt that no one could have predicted the brutality that the ships crew would endure over eleven months.

    It is even possible that it was set up to take pressure away from a clandestine ‘insertion’ elsewhere; with the misfortune of the unexpected happening.
    Or a sacrificial ‘planned operation’ that allowed the capture of ‘sophisticated’ equipment; therefore enabling ‘NK’/Russian/Chinese military to monitor US traffic (thus allowing misinformation to be planted by the US).

    It is not beyond the wit of man to do so. Lets not apply today’s thoughts and standards against those of the 1968 cold war era, (at the time the US were far more advanced in satellite & electronic technology over their communist counterparts).

    Such is the world of ‘sneaky beaky’ that anything, and every thing, is possible.

    Yours Aye.

  2. Some of those iconic photos; flipping the NK the bird…very wry and sarcastic even when in captivity…we need more of that today…we’re due some love of what America stands for; not what we currently have for those in charge; so disrespectful of our history and so waffley; thanks Hillary…none of these people have the slightest regard for our service or our military…k

    1. Kristen, I do believe the big wheel will turn, it will take four more years, but I really think better things will come.

      We endured the same over here from the previous (socialist) government that all but bankrupt the country. We are now steadily getting back on our feet, and though some people cannot see it yet, we have a steady financial horizon in view.

      Yours Aye.

      1. I do hope you’re right, Sir…but I suspect America is no longer what it has been for over two hundred years..we’ve lost it and we have the first affirmative action president in the history of our country; it is not a happy time because he’s a failure and the American voters voted for more failure…what a sad and pathetic commentary that is…I hope these ‘useful idiots’ realize what they did when they gave away their own freedom for so-called security, only to discover there’s no such thing…well, I never knew my avocation would be to save America after I retired, but so be it…we forge ahead and stand tall…I guess I have to; I’m still 6 feet…take care and thanks for the positive pep talk….k

  3. EB: It was handled incorrectly. And CDR Bucher unfairly got shafted over it.
    nd: I forgot about that. The bird!
    Kris: We do need more of that, that sort of wryness.

  4. Cmdr Bucher should have blown the ship up himself. And you know the dwarf leader or NK will never let her go, so I say sink her where she sets. And take out UN’s house and government office at the same time.

    1. This is just and afterthought, CP…but I agree about the UN…I would wish we, as Americans could blow up that entire building…get rid of it and all the UN officials just to tick off all those ‘world citizens’ it would upset..but it also would make my day….a little Clint Eastwoodism….k

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