Egging Marines?

Carol Holbert may have just saved her son Hunter Holbert from the beatdown of his lifetime. Ol’ Hunt egged a couple of San Angelo Marines collecting roadside donations for Toys-for-Tots. And then the genius crashed his truck. I am not surprised he is getting death threats.

6 thoughts on “Egging Marines?”

  1. Compare this to the young men and women his age out in Afghanistan who are prepared to sacrifice their all (and there are those that have just recently).

    Unbelievable stupidity from an 18 year old that shows a complete lack of respect.

    Lets hope that he develops from this, and makes amends. He could better himself and prove he is worth his salt by signing on the dotted line for the USMC.

    Yours Aye.

  2. Kris: It is a great charity. I love giving to them.
    EB: He could prove his salt. It would be a smart thing to do, he clearly wants to mess with someone. Why not our enemies like the Taliban?

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