Hunter Biden Joins the World’s Finest Navy

Note to all Sailors, please be on the lookout for Ensign Hunter Biden. Yes, the Vice President’s son is going down the tried path of a direct commission:

Joe Biden, Hunter Biden

Vice President Joe Biden will have another military son to worry about as he helps chart America’s course around the world.

Biden’s youngest son, Hunter, is joining the Navy.

The attorney and former lobbyist applied for a commission into the Navy Reserve as a public affairs officer and was selected, the Navy said Friday. Because Hunter Biden is 42, he needed a special waiver to be accepted, but that is not uncommon. He is one of seven candidates recommended for a direct commission for public affairs.

Or is Hunter Biden going to be comissioned as an LT, as in LT Hunter Biden? Could be, those PAO guys are smooth talkers.

4 thoughts on “Hunter Biden Joins the World’s Finest Navy”

  1. The Navy needed to add a good Democrat (a rarity in the military) on board to help explaining to the public, in acceptable terms, why they are downsizing the Navy. Since his older brother is in the Army, he had to go into the Navy…IMHO. I do not trust the motives of any of the Bidens.

  2. Maybe Hunter will be able to explain his father; he requires explanation to be characterized as something other than a boob….and four more years of this certainly requires something….does it not??….I have an inner gut feeling, good ole Joe is an embarrassment even to his family….like that crazy uncle lots of families have and just shake their collective heads over….just sayin’….k

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