Wrapped in a Flag

I should not be so snorty at the fate of the two middle Belarusian honor guard soldiers draped in the Belarus state flag and the Minsk city flag below. It happened to me at OCS. A flag slowly wrapped my face and I stood for the whole ceremony like that. Still. . . heh heh.

The Belarus state flag, left, and the Minsk city flag cover the faces of Belarusian honor guard soldiers as they attend the celebration of the anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution in Minsk, Belarus.

6 thoughts on “Wrapped in a Flag”

  1. I may be stating the bleeding obvious here; but, In each case perhaps the ‘pole’ should be longer, or it at least shouldered into a ‘sam-browne belt’ to gain that little extra height?.

    Sorry to hear about your ‘episode’ NavyOne, I can only imagine the thoughts that must have been going through head at the time.

    Yours Aye

  2. And the two swordsmen are about to burst an internal organ trying not to laugh, or even grin.

  3. EB: You would think, being so close to Poland, they would find better Poles.
    Jim: You got to be careful laughing with a sword!
    Old NFO: Good point. I will remember that next time I get draped.

  4. The cowboy carrying the flag at a rodeo cut the corner short on his ride around the arena, once. The flag hit my daughter’s horse in the face – causing a bit of a horse wreck. She was a good cowgirl and kept her seat – wowed the crowd.

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