A Sailor’s Prayer

Please tell me that there is not another Navy-themed television show in the works! Not if it is described as Melrose Place meets aquaflage. I have studiously avoided any discussion of the Andre Braugher / Scott Speedman show Last Resort. I was starting to frustrate friends who sat through it with me. They would say: NavyOne- it is a TV show. TELEVISION. It is not real. Guess the title of the latest Navy drama? Norfolk. You got it. Norfolk. God save us.

5 thoughts on “A Sailor’s Prayer”

  1. You mean Gene Hackman having a dog on board the sub in Crimson Tide wasn’t for real? Damn! I’m call ASPCA and lodging a discrimination complaint against animals discrimination.

  2. There is a fictional TV series on over here at the moment, which centres itself around a fictional army regiment based in a typical garrison town. The trials and tribulations of army life involving the emotions of families pre/post afghanistan.

    It is a load of old cobblers!

    I caught a few minutes of it when I was making a pot of tea, it was so bad that I thought it was a comedy. The military advisors must have served with ‘Montgomery’ and the desert rats?

    It finished it for me when I saw ‘actors’ wearing berets with their ears tucked inside the headband, while one of them was marching ‘spotty dog’ style (left arm swinging in line with his left leg & vice versa his right).

    I nearly choked and spat a mouth full of tea over poor Joss.

    Ho Hum…

    Yours Aye

    1. I think we have something like that here, Ex-Bootneck called ‘Army Wives’…I never saw it because I assumed, perhaps incorrectly (but I don’t think so) it was complete nonsense based on the fictional lives of ‘army wives’….what could be more soap opera and fictional? Well, I heard, only anecdotally, of course, how popular it was…I don’t watch such garbage….and besides, reality programming, another ridiculous fact of life, sucks (sorry for the terminology) in stereo….so I’m off to Turner Classics and other classic programming…there’s nothing like the real standbys…I don’t normally go to see new movies but if I am interested, I’ll wait until they show up on TV…it’s bound to happen with Blue Ray & DVD on cable and satellite programming…all you have to do is wait and it shows up…at most a year, if that…we sadly live in a world where we get what we want, when we want it, two weeks ago…and if we don’t we’re on to something else…such is human nature….so I guess what I’m getting at is we live in a culture that becomes too easily bored, that loses interest in life as it happens and searches for meaning on the fly….k

  3. CP: I forgot about that! A dog. . .
    EB: Ha ha, love the ears tucked in to the berets. Of course, I never had/earned the honor of a beret.
    Kris: Ah Army Wives. Never seen it either, but I think Col Sarah MacKenzie was in it.

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