Petty Officer Christopher Millen Gets Away

Remember Petty Officer Christopher Millen? He is the Navy Sailor who said Mitt Romney is just a hateful and narrow-minded bigot. His Navy command has handed-out punishment for conducting political activity while in uniform. And his penalty is. . . nothing.

5 thoughts on “Petty Officer Christopher Millen Gets Away”

  1. Today’s Navy (military in general.) I’ll tell you what my 1st Class told me when I offered my opinion on some subject in the berthing compartment. “You don’t have permission to have an opinion, Boot.”

  2. Why are you surprised? The you-tube video ‘producer’ Nakoula , you remember the video that caused the riots and death of our Ambassador and three other Americans (not), is in jail for a year for parole violation and this yahoo gets counseling. It’s the Chicago Rules. The last four was just a warm up.

  3. A lot more of the same coming and headed your way, Navy One…sorry for that…keep your powder dry and your head down….the only advice I can offer at this point..I’m already past that point of no return…nothing bothers me, but I’ll take a little bit of that advice as well….if you want to have a life worth living and stay in the running, you need to think long and hard about such things….k

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