CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns Over an Extramarital Affair?

General David Petraeus Extramarital AffairI worked, many rungs down, for General Petraeus when I was an E-5, a Petty Officer Second Class. At some point in life, you stop having heroes and you start having mentors and teachers. And although I never had personal contact with the General, he was still a hero of mine.

Today the news hits that CIA director David Petraeus is resigning over an extramarital affair. I’m stunned. There has to be more to this story, which may or may not come out.

This has been a hell of a week.

11 thoughts on “CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns Over an Extramarital Affair?”

  1. I admire his guts for getting out in front of this before his stupidity showed up. I do wonder if this gets him out of testifying before Congress.

  2. You’re quite right Navy One and color me very skeptical …I don’t buy it…General Petraeus is too honorable a man to ever do something like this to his family and his wife…something here doesn’t add up…if he were that sort of man, it would have surfaced long ago….so I don’t believe it….I think this has something to do with Benghazi and the administration doesn’t want him testifying…but far be it from me to start a conspiracy theory….we can leave it to everyone else to do that..,,k

  3. Jumped before he was pushed?

    Whether true or not- extra marital affairs at that level is like playing russian roulette with a loaded ‘automatic’ pistol…

    His knowledge of the Benghazi incident may well be the catalyst for his decision. Either way, it is a sad loss, he was (and remains) greatly respected from this side of the pond.

    Yours Aye.

    1. I am glad to hear his reputation translates over. I have a friend who worked on his staff and got absolutely smoked by the General when he went out to run with the troops.

  4. Well, at least it wasn’t revealed until after he was technically out of uniform…but I don’t know; there’s something too coincidental about this that makes me very suspicious…in fact in the news (Fox News, that is) it was mentioned he came out with this before he could be blackmailed or something to that effect…it just doesn’t seem kosher for some reason….k

    1. Don’t know if this is authorized or not but I copied it from yesterdays Stavrides post. Easier to get forgiveness than permission.

      Adm Stavridis Supreme Allied Commander cleared.
      Gen Ham relieved/retiring.
      Adm Gaouette Mid East Strike Group relieved.
      Gen (Ret) Patraeus resigns, was going to testify next week.
      Hum. Nah. Honey where’d you put the tin foil?

      1. What this man in the White House is doing; just an observation…there’s no trust here…thanks for all that information and insight…and there is honor somewhere….throwing good men under the bus; it’s certainly getting pretty crowded down there……k

  5. My first reaction was “who cares”? Did adultry interfere with General Petraeus ability to perform his duties? I don’t think so. My assistant Department Head, when I was a fresh caught Ensign (LCDR Dennis Del….), was banging another man’s wife and it didn’t seem to damage his ability to do his job. (I was prior enlisted and had been comissioned with higher expectations from my officers.)

    My next reaction was General Petraeus lost his security clearance and all his access to compartmented programs when he retired. If called to testify before the Congress, General Petraeus could claim the answers requested would require access to compartmented intelligence and he no longer has such access. In my day (1980s), it was “ten and ten” – 10 thousand dollar fine and 10 years in jail – for revealing said compartmented information. Of course, the Congress could grant him immunity from prosecution.

    It is obvious he did not want to talk about what CIA knew regarding “the Benghazi incident”. Everyone I’ve discussed this with agrees…

    On a different subject, what happened to “non-lethal weapons”? Why don’t the embassy security folks actively defend our turf from invading mobs? Are we so afraid of the “Arab man in the street” that State does not want to man up? I am referring to water cannon, gases, rubber bullets, etc.

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