Roger Roger, the Academy’s Wave Ryder

Which of these is not true:

The Naval Academy has a football player named Wave Ryder?
West Point has a football player named Roger Roger?

3 thoughts on “Roger Roger, the Academy’s Wave Ryder”

  1. I kinda like Wave Ryder for a name. My husband told us that a lady in his office named her son Sutton Ridge. My daughter thought it was a great name. I thought it sounded like a fancy wine and said, “Did they name him after the wine they were drinking when he was conceived? He could have been named Mogen David.” The conversation deteriorated at that point with my daughter saying, “or Jack Daniels” and my husband adding, “or Wild Turkey” to which we laughed as if the jokes were actually funny.

  2. And considering he’s from Hawaii, Wave Ryder may not be that unusual a name….just thinking….k

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