What a Navy Guy Says After an Election Like That

The very nature of elections, with all the state and local folks (if your area is lucky enough to have folks, rather than politicians) running, is that you may, in some way, be disappointed. Throw in the presidential race and the measures, propositions up for votes, and this only increases the odds you’ll be blue ’bout something. Quite frankly, I am rubbed wrong on a number of issues. Disappointed not about everything, but certain votes; big or small, my business, which I shall keep anonymous.

But this fact remains- I believe in America, I believe in the West. We’ve a country, a way of thinking that rivals, if not outcompetes, anything out there. And to this idea, I cling. I have no other choice. Perhaps I am the man lolling down whatever the river’s called before the Niagara Falls. (Niagara River? I have never heard of that waterway if so.) Perhaps we’re all in the inner-tube together. That we are one wave away from going over the wet drop. I surely hope not. I consider myself a realist. That whatever challenges curve ahead of us, we will shoulder them. And the country or state or town may not be on the path I would choose, but it is on the road the majority have chosen. And I respect all Americans, however temporarily blinded they may be.

There is a sadness, somewhat, not in the winners of the offices, but in the choices of celebrities who have outed themselves as rabidly against my chosen candidates, propositions, or measures. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to never again spend a dollar in support of any project they are involved. Yes, we live in capitalistic society and yes, I am voting with my dollar. I’ve turned a blind eye at times to go to a movie featuring an actor or actress outspoken in his or her beliefs. No longer will that be the case. The public made you rich and the opposite can be true. You want to graphitti the internet with how you view the world, I support withholding the very dollars that bought you that venomous spraypaint.

Sure, I am one guy. And even though I think I make a lot of money, it still is very little. Small enough to be considered just above the lower-middle class according to the geniuses here. And my money will never be spent towards those who made public their disrespect. (Irony, it lives. I’ve been humming a song tonight by an artist quite extreme in his political views. Copperhead Road. . .)

My selfish worry is about the Navy. I can only be taxed to a certain point. I’ll always probably (maybe, hopefully) have money to take home. But what becomes the Navy? If need be, I’ll take a permanent pay freeze. With the only raise coming as an advancement in rank. This requires no thought. None at all. I think I speak for a lot of guys in uniform. That if personnel pay is a high ticket item, we can surely shoulder a slight reduction. What about ships? Could we not save the Big E from the mothball fleet? The USS Enterprise would save the cost of a new carrier and I’ve heard stories about her capabilities in her prime that boggled my mind.

Should us military guys take on these burdens, other folks need to as well. Starting with welfare recipients. It should not be a generational situation. When I read of three consecutive generations of one family on welfare, I shudder. That, to me, is (chosen) slavery. You are captive, hook, line and lots of sinker, to the government. I too, am in a relationship with the government, and I deploy at her whim, but it’s not akin to slavery.

I had better stop. I’ve all sorts of opinions (on every item in the budget), yet I always endeavor, with varying rates of success, to be apolitical here. I have a shemagh near my computer that I tie over my eyes when I start writing about a balanced budget, tort reform, immigration, or term limits. And women’s issues. Which don’t exist, not in a feminine vacuum as such. All issues we share- do we not have sisters, wives, and mothers? There are no such men’s issues. And spending! All this spending is giving drunken sailors good names. Ach, there I go again. I know this is a vanilla post, with traces perhaps of pecan praline. I really wanted to write something about the rocky road we are on, but it is not my place.

Remember: if you sing songs for a living, I don’t care your political opinion. And if you are blue about the election, think of Canada.

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  1. “When I read of three consecutive generations of one family on welfare, I shudder. That, to me, is slavery.”

    Agree in spirit, but at least the folks on welfare have the opportunity to change their status. Slaves do not.

  2. Obviously I can only speak on values from my side of the ‘pond’; however, I agree with every single word printed. In particular the reference about ‘celebrities’, (including footballers/’soccer players’). I would like to think that the great majority of ‘celebs’ are decent down to earth people; my feeling is that it is the reverse, the ‘minority’ may well be decent down to earth people.

    I have always been a big fan of rugby, I have played the noble game and maintained the standards required for over 30 years. Sadly, just recently a few high profile players have fallen by the wayside after being caught using using illegal ‘sport’ performance drugs.
    Career finished and good riddance to them. This noble sport does not suffer fools gladly.

    Football/Soccer has never had a penny from me for over 20 years, due in part to the arrogant social lives the players live, which ends up plastered all over the MSM. They all apologise for their drunken drug fueled debaucheries, buy only AFTER they have been caught. The MSM puts them on a pedestal and then destroys them when it suits their story line.

    Society creates them all; in turn they abuse their position and turn themselves into monsters. The fools who idolise them absolutely deserve them.

    Recently a very good friend of mine refused a minor ‘celeb’ and her followers into his restaurant due to their rowdyism, she quoted the classic line of
    ~ “do you know who I am”
    ~ “I do, but you appear to have forgotten yourself”

    The scene turned nasty as they were all turned away; the “celeb” was photographed by a patron, the picture revealed ‘white talcum powder’ around her flared nostrils. The following day her PR team spoke with my friend to make amends, who simply said that she would never be allowed into his Restaurant or Bar ever again; She was given a life ban, which in this small City is also endorsed by every licensed premise.

    ‘Hanoi Jane’ is the top of my boycott list (I could ‘vent’ for hours, but a mid morning cup of tea is now required to stop an attack of the vapours)…

    Yours Aye

  3. I am disappointed in the outcome of the election. It causes me to wonder about the intelligence of the people. On the other hand, be anxious for nothing…

    Voting with my dollars is about the only way I have to show my discontent with certain people/issues. I’m down to watching very little TV or movies.

  4. I have to agree with all of you who have far better managed to explain how you feel…we have a rough road ahead should we believe in individual liberty and freedom which of course, I do…let us continue to delight in each other’s many and varied opinions, laughing and taking comfort in that, at least for now…there are many things worthy of discussion here…for instance, what will all of us be doing around the holidays? I bought a new kitchen item called the NuWave Infrared Oven that uses technology to cook dishes more quickly from frozen…amazing and everything is delicious, so far…everyone have a great day and keep your powder dry….we fight and trudge on in our own ways….k

  5. To paraphrase John Smith, “Those who will not work, will not eat.” I think we have lost this ethic for good, sadly.

    As for the celebs, I have the same take on supporting them. My bride has been known to wail “We won’t ever be able to go to the movies!” So be it.

  6. Tim: Good point. I slipped in the word “chosen” to highlight that point. Slavery is not something to be talked of lightly.
    EB: One day we will stop putting our celebrities on a pedestal. And I commend your friend, who refused the haughty patron at her workplace. I so hate primma donnas and primo donalds. (Hmm, or is a male primma donna a primo don?)
    Lou: Roger that. I am extra careful now.
    Kris: I have heard of a NuWave, but always thought it was some stylish haircut that would not work under military regs. Plus I keep hair at 3/8s of an inch or shorter. And the word “wave” does not work under my austere cranial conditions.
    Flugelman: “Those who will not work, will not eat.” I love that. Is it over for us or can we work back to that ethic? I love my freedom. (Is that odd for a Navy guy to say?) And I look at getting a handout as infringing on that right. Maybe I am all hosed up.

  7. As I said, N1, keeping our powder dry for the moment seems to be the order of the day…and then we need to see what options are available….it keeps life interesting and shows us the way to accomplish an end…without losing dignity or our moral code…because after all, we do maintain that….oh and a belief and faith that God will show us the way…He’s always been rather tolerant and loving of me at all times and with surprising regularity…..k

  8. As one who HAD to resort to welfare/food stamps/medicare for a brief period, I’ve never understood the mentality that such is “owed” over generations – when the Progeny’s sperm donor took off {31 years ago}, my parents could assist somewhat, but to be fair to them, I swallowed my pride & applied for assistance – you’ve never been humiliated until you proffer food stamps at your local grocery, and the cashier behaves as though you’re giving them used toilet paper {this was in the days before EBT cards} ……………………………………

    I’m now back at work {after almost 13 years as a stay-at-home spouse}, at age almost-56, with males who are in their 20’s/early 30’s, who sit on their fat butts while I’m handling traffic or handing out/receiving visitors’ passes, or otherwise patrolling the property …………………………………….. but, it’s honest work, for honest pay, and it helps out the family ………………………………..

    Semper Fi’

    1. And I am glad the aid was available for you, and glad to have contributed to it, and most glad that *you* made it into a short term situation instead of a way of life. Thanks for your comment.

    2. See, you’re the kind of person the aid is intended for – the one who genuinely needs it and only uses for as long as you absolutely need it, and you have enough pride to want to be rid of it as soon as you can because you take pride in doing for yourself and understand that’s the way things are supposed to be in an ideal world. I have no problem giving people a hand up which is all you wanted or needed.

      My family is walking the fine line right now, too. Thankfully, the husband is doing well and has continued to throughout this whole mess, but my work has been iffy which has really put us in the hole more than once. I’m one of those women they talk about who’s been taking it on the chin during this recession. The silver lining is that I can be at home to be mom for our 2-year-old. Now, with four more years coming down the pike, it looks like I’ll be starting to homeschool.

  9. If it is worth anything, I just ordered a 24 star flag to fly. I am dismayed that my nation, as I knew it, ceased to exist on Tuesday. 24 States however still espouse the notion of Constitutional government so I will fly the 1822 American flag.

    I am also seriously considering buying land in one of those states, preferably one of the 3 that had not a single blue county.

    As for the US NAVY, I am a career soldier and subscriber to PROCEEDINGS. The NAVY is very important in my estimation as the rightful picket for this nation, but senior leadership has lost ship handling as a skill in favor of adopting some “cyber” crappage that means little in the control of the seas, especially when that control requires maneuver and engagement of a nation that is rapidly becoming very adept at building surface combatants.

    I suspect that soon the NAVY Jack will be seen as “divisive” and replaced with some eccumenical, third-world-approved rag…

  10. DM: You used the available aid in the right way it was intended. Good on you.
    Kentucky Jim: Exactly my thoughts.
    Todd: I have nothing but respect for your leanings. Being active-duty, perhaps I should say no more on that topic. I do agree with you on Proceedings. I grab a read every now and then on a stray office copy. It’s always good.

  11. Thank you for your continued service & dedication. Why do liberals hate the military so much? I rather suspect it’s because to place oneself between home & war’s desolation, and being willing to sacrifice one’s own life is the highest form of selflessness. Since liberals are, by nature, inherently selfish, this shows their self-centeredness in the highest possible contrast. “Greater love hath no man, then he who lays down his life for his friends”. I read citations of MOH winners and weep, and wonder how this country keeps coming up with men like them. They are universally filled with stories of how an individual sacrifices his own life to ensure that his teammates may live. There is still something good, and pure, and worth fighting for in this country. Bless you and all who serve or have served. My father lies near death from cancer, and one of the things I was able to do for him was to create a shadow box of his WW2 patches & medals, to be displayed at his funeral. For many of the Greatest Generation, it was a pivotal point in their lives. My dad was a scared 18-year old armored car driver, just trying to do his job and hopefully not get killed in the process. Grace to all who do His work.

  12. I like your heart felt words, Navy One. I’m still working through my disappointment and disbelief over the election. Losing this one was particularly painful and I am very sad about where our nation is headed.


  13. Rob: Thanks for your heartfelt comment and yours and your father’s service. We, in uniform, try our best. Truly, as you say, Grace to all who do His work.
    Lauren: Thanks, friend. It was a shocker for me.

  14. Nice post.

    Were you thinking about ice cream towards the end of that post? The use of vanilla, pecan, and rocky road made me think so.

  15. Totally with you on this. I will never watch another George Clooney movie. I’ll be avoiding the Oscars this year (Seth McFarlane? SERIOUSLY?) I’ll never buy another Vogue, Sex and the City DVD, or Beyonce song. I avoid anything related to NBC. I think we should boycott Starbucks and Amazon. If we quit supporting Hollywood, we quit supporting liberals.

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