Military Still at Work

Amid all the politicking is this reality, that us in the military will still be out tomorrow doing our jobs. I see Fox News has called the presidential election. That does not faze these guys:

Marines with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit pick up trash in the streets of the New York City borough of Staten Island on Monday. The 26th MEU is able to provide generators, fuel, clean water and helicopter lift capabilities to aid the local government in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

9 thoughts on “Military Still at Work”

  1. NavyOne

    BZ on running a tight ship and showing restraint.

    I have perused a few blogs over the last week that have just gone politically insane with hype.

    It’s over and it’s time to assist those greatly in need from Sandy’s visit.

    Again, well done mate.

    Yours Aye

  2. And the time for self-pity is as well…we all have to get on and do what is necessary to succeed for the next few years…

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