Don’t Forget to Vote!

May I be the last to remind you to vote? Consider this a public-service announcement. As usual, we here (gulp- me) at the blog are non-partisan. And this heard of African beasts represents all Americans lumbering to the polls:

Africa from the air- Martin Harvey’s aerial photos of landscapes

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    1. A cynic, Ex-Bootneck?…apparently you’ve been buying the hype of our MSM, not to mention your own….and I have discovered the media across the Pond, where you reside happens to be far more accurate than our own, doncha know??….you have to know most of them, including yours, lie and manipulate public opinion and in their role of media watchdog, they now are media lapdogs…I haven’t believed them since I worked in the intelligence community….the truth shall set you free….but you should have been as aware of that as the rest of us…the reason for the internet as far as I’m concerned, is that we in the public can blast them and not allow them to get away with their blatant partisanship, lies and manipulation of facts or in the worst case, not report at all….have a nice day….I’m just getting ready to participate in my new state in my voter obligation…..k

      1. Kristen…

        A cynic, Moi?

        My past role has also made me very wary of the MSM, as well as Politicians that offer beads, blankets and mirror’s as gifts.

        Just recently I have set myself a task to put right a wrong that involves certain politically minded people from upon high. They now know that a storm is approaching them and no amount of apologies will suffice.

        The media will have a field day eventually, but only AFTER the truth has been released to the appropriate blogs that I know will seek to out the truth and expose those who acted improperly for personal gain. The MSM now take their lead from such sites, as they know that while they sleep, honest blogger’s and their followers do not.

        As well as this noble blog I also peruse one or two others, one in particular is that of Guido Fauke’s (alternative name of Guy Fawkes), which is now one of this country’s leading political blog sites, I have followed this site since it’s concept in 2004, it is well worth a perusal.
        Paul Staines ‘aka Guido Fawkes’ takes no prisoners what so ever within the world of politics, on any side of the fence though credit is always given when it is due.

        Guido Fawkes was the first blogger to take a serving ministers scalp, that of the Labour MP, Peter Haines. Guido has gone on to take several major scalps over the past few years, as well as expose those that cheat and operate extreme double standards. So much so that all political parties (as well as politicians) stand wary of him. My belief is that he is a ‘Tory’ at heart but he is also a seeker of truth, and extremely well balanced with it. (Ditto).

        Yes I am cynical of the MSM as well as the majority of British politicians. They know who they are, and they also know that they no longer have true power within the media; “that now belongs to us~the people”.

        We can also bring down bloggers who act inappropriately by simply by starving them of oxygen (cease viewing or contributing to the site). This is our ‘net’ and we need to watch and protect it carefully, there are governments who seek to control and stifle it, but we are the massive majority.

        Incidentally, around 2006 a prominent UK journalist wrote in his column that the MSM should start taking note of bloggers and the ‘net’ as one day it will take over the MSM, making certain newspapers redundant. He was castigated for his story line. (He has been proven to be correct in so many ways)

        A few days after his piece; one of the major stories of the day was that of a 15 year girl who placed an open invite to her friends on her Facebook page
        “yippee – my parents are away on holiday, come on and party tonight, my place, just bring booze”.
        Instead of 20 ‘friends’ an estimated 350 people turned up, they wrecked the property and the local police had a riot on their hands. Her unimpressed parents were called back from a ‘foreign waters’ holiday; and the daughter went into hiding from them (as well as the press). Within hours of the party riot there were dozens of different party clips posted on You Tube.

        The journalist printed the ‘party’ story in full to show just how powerful the ’net’ and its social media had become. He also mentioned that the ‘net’ produced clips on YouTube that had been viewed by over 250 thousand (and climbing) before the MSM had even heard of the story.
        (The local police also viewed the clips for car registrations as well as identification purposes, nailing over a 100 ‘youths for criminal damage and assault).

        The ‘net’ a double edged weapon just like a hand grenade!

        FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (and the thousands of souls reading this blog).
        I would have used my vote on Mitt Romney, each and every time, Republican.

        Yours Aye

        1. I’m certainly glad to hear that little bit of news, Ex-Bootneck…that you would at least favor Mitt Romney over the Bamster…but I kind of think Mitt Romney’s gonna win in a blowout…or maybe I’m being overly optimistic….and some say, Michael Barone and a few others, ‘Mittens’ will win with 315 electoral votes (270 being the winning number) sounds like a landslide to me…but needless to say…we can all hope…take care…and I will visit the ‘Guy Fawkes’ site you mentioned…he looks like a bit of the Devil…wouldn’t you say???k

          1. K…

            Just like the original Guy Fawkes of the ‘gunpowder plot’ fame, Paul Staines will bring Parliament to order…

            Yours Aye

  1. Elephants, right? How appropriate….and lumbering as well….good luck and we need it….maybe by tonight we’ll know the results….God Bless America….k

    1. NavyOne; ‘was almost’ an American. I almost took up an offer to cross transfer to the USMC, which was a two year billet (the RM’s still cross transfer with the USMC to this day on a one for one basis). However it was my intention to seek citizenship once on US soil, and then to put in my termination papers with the RM’s (more complicated than it sounds, but I had some good people vouching for me on your side of the pond).

      Truth be known; I have an English body with an Irish heart, and the pull of my family created a force that I found hard to deal with.

      But what the future brings; (very soon you may well be getting a long term visitor)…

      Yours Aye

      1. That sounds intriguing, Brennan…please come and visit; I know many of us would absolutely love to meet you…k

    1. You know Lou, there’s something for me as far as voting on Election Day…I don’t know why, but I feel it necessary I be there on that very day…k

      1. K…I understand voting on the day, but my daughter was voting before she had to go back to school. Since I hanging with her, I went ahead and voted too.

  2. EB: Hey, c’mon on down to California. Although I must tell you, I am heading out to sea soon. Better bring your seabag!
    Kris: I agree with you on Guy Fawkes. He does look a little devilish.
    Lou: Thataway to have a good time!

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