Phony Hero or Absentminded Chief Master Sergeant?

Stolen Valor cases make me both angry and queasy. And then there is the story of Retired Chief Master Sgt. Richard Ortega. Is it Stolen Valor? Quite possibly. Or stupidity? Is there a difference? Either way, it’ll be tough on his daughter, Rachael Ortega Bateman, who wrote the book My Hero … My Dad: Echoes from the Battlefield. Phony heroes do not inspire book sales.

3 thoughts on “Phony Hero or Absentminded Chief Master Sergeant?”

  1. Utter contempt, there is no excuse for it unless the individual is mentally ill. We also have the same problem over here; we refer to them as a ‘Walter Mitty’.

    What really boils my blood is when they use the act of ‘stolen valour’ to collect for charity, then abscond with the money?

    ‘Walts’ posing as Royal marines are simply asked for their Official Number, Troop/Squad Number, or the date of their ‘Kings Squad pass out. To stumble over such questions leads to being ‘outed’, which must be a very undignified experience.

    The following link from one such ‘outing’ (upon leaving the Corps we all succumb to putting on a couple of pounds; but he is over four stone IN his ‘Blues’ uniform)?

    Well, got to dash myself as I have to fly a Jumbo 747 out of Heathrow Airport, after which I have to perform open heart surgery at York Hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Its the uniforms that make me do it)

    Yours Aye

    1. Ah, Walter Mitty, after the great James Thurber story.

      I don’t understand this fakery. I will never be a trigger-puller, but me and my guys help those who do. And there is honor in our mission, as I used to tell my guys often when we were deployed. Many of these fakers served in some small military capacity. Why not be proud of that?

      1. Ditto…

        Each and every one a cog, whether large or small; without each working together the whole system stops.

        Your Aye

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