Gisele Who?

Today’s mystery is below. I am told the picture is of a lady named Gisele. And yes, there are six people in the montage, including Ms.¬†Bundchen:

It is all quite innocent, really. . .

9 thoughts on “Gisele Who?

  1. Coffeypot; if that is true then there are thousands of Irish men in and around Dublin that are pregnant…

    (‘aka’ a Guinness bump).

    Yours Aye

        • Men; speaking amongst themselves…yech….and what do you talk about? Beer bellies? I knew many a USN Bosun’s Mate who looked more pregnant than an actual woman who was…please….k

          • Gentlemen; Ladies present…

            My what a beautiful day it is here in East Yorkshire (eyes rolling skyward)…

  2. Just had a delivery from ‘Royal Mail’ that had to be signed for… the postman was pregnant, I would say ready any day gauging the size of his girth!

    Yours Aye
    (looking for the mind bleach)

  3. EB: A delivery from Royal Mail? A pregnancy home test?
    Kris: A chubby bosun’s mate? Naaawwwww.
    Lou: Apparently so!

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