A Botched Surgery

This morning (the prior posts) has been very Air Force/airplaney-flavored. Why not continue with the teeth-grinding story of Capt. John Waldroup? A surgeon botched a surgery on him. Two words that should never go together: surgeon and botched. It never ends well.

3 thoughts on “A Botched Surgery”

  1. CP: you speak of government red tape versus military red tape…is there a difference?? I suspect there’s more government red tape which is antithetical to common sense than the military can lay claim to…and I believe our military brothers & sisters under the skin have more of an appreciation of how to work with and get around military red tape than government bureaucratic nonsense…I guess it’s a matter of perspective though…don’t you think?.

  2. CP: Fortunately these guys have common-sense. They just did what needed doing.
    Kris: It is a matter of perspective. The Navy guys deal with challenging situations often.

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