Smelly Water and Indipendenza Veneta

Last time I was in Venice, the city was suffering through a heat spell. And the water level was low. A certain, recognizable stench filled the air. Which makes me question what these guys are smiling about. Do they know how clean that water is?

Tourists sit in St. Mark Square during a period of seasonal high water in Venice October 27, 2012. The water level in the canal city rose to 127 cm (50 inches) above the normal level, according to the monitoring institute.

Lest you forget, there is a clamor ’round town for independence from Italy. The clamorers are called Indipendenza Veneta, a newly-founded independence movement. Time’ll tell.

7 thoughts on “Smelly Water and Indipendenza Veneta”

  1. They are obviously not Venetian!

    Dependent upon which way the current was running; I guarantee they will have visited a local chemist within 12 hours to purchase and quaff ‘liquid cement’ (Imodium A-D).

    “Smell Venice and die” as they say when the water levels drop…

    Yours Aye

    1. You’re one of my favorite tellers of anecdotes, Ex-Bootneck..welcome back to the fold….missed you….no, the article asserts they’re tourists…when you’re in another country that is primarily surrounded by water, you can expect a sudden case of instant diarrhea, without a doubt….Kaopectate is an instant cure….take care…k

      1. Hi Kris

        I trust you are well…

        Winter is now upon us here in East Yorkshire (we put our clocks back one hour on 28th Oct, officially we are now into winter time).

        Joss and I have just returned from a walk in the field (total darkness); the kettle is now boiling and the milk chocolate digestives are calling out my name…

        Best regards,

        Yours Aye

        1. DST begins here on November 4, 2012 and customarily it would have been this past weekend as well. It has been running a little late in recent years, but we’ll be caught up soon enough…
          It is a strange coincidence you should mention digestive biscuits; I happen to have found McVities, one of my favorite things while I was living in your country some years ago; I acquired a taste for these lovely & delightful morsels that continue to make my innards feel better…I found them in one of our local supermarkets here and purchase them because of that happy memory. And they are so good…or at least to me they are; and I am sure you have a better quality digestive because I recall so many while I was living in London…I do have a guilty secret though; the dogs like them too, not the chocolate covered ones of course; I only eat the plain ones; Lucy & Louie, my delightful dachshund duo share them with me…I suspect they aren’t really very good for them because of the sugar, but these two are so spoiled, they argue with me about it…and being the doting parent, I can hardly refuse them…on a more healthy note, though, I do give raw carrots as a daily treat…thank you for keeping in touch…a few of our collective group of friends here had been inquiring as to your well-being and missed your input…yes it is getting a bit colder now and the seven or eight months of 80 – 100 degree weather here in northern Texas is now a thing of the past…I’m actually relieved….it has been a singularly hot summer and I have looked forward to the cooler weather…you know I do miss the more distinct changes in season from the northeastern US…but I was the one who wanted a change and this is it….take it easy, Ex-Bootneck and again, welcome back….k

  2. Ex Bootneck: Ah, Imodium A-D. I remember it well from my flying days. We had no toilets aboard the plane. And our flights were 12 hours long. . .
    Kris: A sudden case of instant diarrhea. Sounds terrible.
    Lou: Bird brains are sometimes big and thoughtful. . .

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