Frank Tanabe, Great Hero

Frank Tanabe is a great hero. Not only for his actions in the Military Intelligence Service in WWII, but for the fact that he still votes:

The photo shows Frank Tanabe lying in a hospital bed at home as his daughter Barbara Tanabe helps him fill out his absentee ballot. A half-million people saw the picture on the website Reddit after his grandson posted it there on Thursday, making it one of the most popular items on the social media network for a day after.

Frank Tanabe, center, gets help from his daughter Barbara Tanabe, left, to fill out his absentee ballot in Honolulu while his wife Setsuko Tanabe sits. (Photo: Irene Tanabe)

The Army assigned Tanabe to the Military Intelligence Service, a classified unit whose members were collectively awarded the Congressional Gold Medal last year along with soldiers who served in the 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team — highly decorated segregated units of mostly Japanese-Americans.

“I’d like to accept on behalf of all hyphenated Americans, including American-Americans,” Tanabe told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser at the time. “We all served together in defense of our country.”

Noah Tanabe, the grandson who posted the photo online, said he thinks about his grandfather every time he votes.

I like that, American-American. Thanks Frank for your service!

7 thoughts on “Frank Tanabe, Great Hero”

  1. The gentleman made a good point…we’re not hyphenated Americans….just Americans…the last twenty to thirty years has been nothing but an exercise in dividing the American people and this is just another way of accomplishing it…I find it refreshing that the gentleman is capable of pointing it out…..k

  2. We’re AMERICANS, regardless of where we came from… Congrats to Mr. Tanabe for continuing to stand up for this country and do his civic duty!

  3. The father of a friend of mine died last week. He was a retired Army officer who spent most of his career in Germany during the 1960s and early 1970s. He was going downhill the last few weeks and knew it. He called in the family and made sure all his debts and affairs were covered.

    During the visitation, his family placed his ribbons on his chest and a note that said, “I voted early.” He was NOT a democrat.

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