San Dee Eggo News

The Navy just christened America? (That’s right, we are taking over this country!)

Sgt. Daniel McLaughlin grabbed Torazzi Hayslett’s hair and pulled it?

A cutthroat motorcycle gang is in town, raising money to fight juvenile tumors?

Great American© Gary Sinise is at BMC with the LT Dan Band. (All LTs required to attend!)

Few stories are as sad for Sandy Eggians than that of Junior Seau.

John Lehman is talking about more FFG 7s. A frigate, not to be referred to as friggin’.

USS America will be formally delivered to the Navy early next year and be used as the flagship for expeditionary strike groups and amphibious ready groups.

3 thoughts on “San Dee Eggo News”

  1. Your “takeover” ain’t gonna work ’til you figure out how to run those sea-going airplane parking lots on the interstates.

    Bikers iz an unusual breed of cat. Some times they’re a-holes and some times they’re he-roes.

    Sinise if one neat dude.

    NFL’ers iz one really mixed up mixed bag.

    Instead of finding more weapons and platforms, I’d like to see us finding less reasons for using weapons and platforms. And less folks on this planet causing us to use them.

  2. As a ex-firefighter, if she is stupid enough to try to go back into her house, I think I would have just pushed her down and walked over her. WTF was she thinking, if she hit the cop, game on. Now she freaked out and lost it they tried to save her life, and she sues the city.

  3. Harry: I tell you, some biker “gangs” could be some of the best Americans we got! And rgr on Gary S.
    mark: Very true. The lady was a wreck probably and not thinking.

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