Petty Officer Millen, Confused

If you have any doubts as to what can be said politically while in uniform and what should be left to civilians, I present you with Petty Officer Millen:

Petty Officer Millen, USN

The military community will likely play a huge role in the upcoming presidential election, and the internet knows which way at least one sailor will swing.

A man who identifies himself as a sailor wrote a letter to Mitt Romney that popped up on the Tumblr page of a girl who says she will be joining the Marines in her profile.

Petty Officer Millen writes that he is “part of the 47% that will never vote for you.”

Hmm, I imagine something should come of this. What about that Marine, Sergeant Gary Stein, who sounded off against President Obama on his Facebook page? Did he not get discharged? This appears to be roughly equal, no? Is not the Third Class Petty Officer in uniform sharing his partisan beliefs? Soon, I imagine Petty Officer Millen will get all the chances in the world to open his piehole. Once he gets kicked out. Big mistake, Shipmate.

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  1. A lot of the problem today is the delusion those in the military have free speech…more often than not they don’t; one of the things I was told in this regard was, the military is not a democracy or even a republic…you don’t get paid to have an opinion…this is why open display of political speech is frowned upon particularly in uniform…as human beings, we all have opinions, but in this very instance you cannot associate your freely expressed opinion while you are in the military service…especially if it contradicts with the status quo…you cannot express this opinion while in uniform…ever…and I anticipate this clown will be shown the door very quickly so that he can march with the Occupy crowd and they can determine just what percent he actually belongs to…the 47% who don’t pay taxes or the 1 % entitlement crowd as they are…the rest of us would just wish they would commit themselves to the nearest institution (psychiatric) for analysis…..k

  2. This is a big mistake on the kid’s part. Probably he did not realize that this was going to get publicized and he thought if he showed his opinion it would stay localized on whatever little blog he posted it on. On par with the Jarhead’s actions if not more severe. The PO seems like a mean little snit. And (I am not sure of this) I thought Obamacare was not even official. He will be wearing his liberty clothes soon.

  3. Oh, you can say anything you want in the military— as long as nobody hears it or reads it.
    Anyway to verify if this guy is really in the Navy? Lots of BSers on the net.

  4. Kris: True, we don’t have free speech, especially in this realm.
    Chief: Rgr all. Liberty clothes, here he comes!
    Master Chief: Agreed. I imagine this is going to get big.
    CI Roller Dude: Hmmm, like CrewDog, I think you have a good point.
    NavyDavy: Sad link. I hope it turns out not to occur. But hope is a thing with feathers. As in, it flies away.

  5. Kinda OT here, but which TWO wars did prez. Guzykall end?

    We were already on our way out of Iraq when Prez Turgidson decided to call it a win….which other one?

  6. Not as bad as Stein so far, as he said he wouldn’t obey orders from the POTUS. Millen has gone way too far, but not that far. Kind of in between Stein and the Army reservist who endorsed Ron Paul, but leaning more towards Stein.

  7. I doubt anything will happen to him. He supports the Commie in Chief. Oh he may be told to stand down on the language but I’d be surprised if it’s anything worse than that.

  8. No, it’s not as bad. Romney isn’t Commander-in-Chief. There is no formal relationship here. He’s still a moron, though.

  9. As a former Army officer, I can assure you, from the first day one is on active duty, these words are heard clearly: “We defend American democracy, but we are not an organization which exercises democracy.” The military is a top-down entity which is not permitted to express its individual opinion — at least while in uniform. Those who do so are subject to reprimand at the least, or severe punishment at its extreme. We have a commander in chief, and that office is due respect, whether the individual occupying it has earned our personal admiration. or not.

  10. My guess is he wants out of the military and possibly a book deal about his heroic stance against ‘the man’. Either that or he’s not who he says he is which is why the face is so well covered by the sign.

  11. NamVet U.S.N.-haven’t come across any war time vets who support the current W.H. inhabitant. Nice carrier deck you have there, lad. Mind the prop wash.

  12. Poor kid says that Romney doesn’t know anything about economics…. must not realise that Romney’s expertise is in turning around failing businesses. Somthing he’s been highly successful doing. Poor kid. If there is one thing Romney ISN’T, it’s hateful.

  13. Considering that the “Light Bender” himself states in his book that he hated white people and had a hard time acknowledging his mother (because she was white) it is indeed ironic that this pair of clown shoes would choose Romney as the narrow minded bigot. As I agree with Michael Savage, wherein the only way to adequately explain the neo-liberal mind is through the aspect of a primary, organic, brain disorder, I would encourage this guy to push for a section 8. I’d sign the paperwork for him.

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