Traitors Among Us

The Army football team has a fullback by the name of Larry Dixon. Both of the L-Train’s parents served in the Navy to the tune of 44 years of combined service. We have a word for this among naval types, it’s called being a traitor. And the solution is walking the plank. Get movin’ Larry.

4 thoughts on “Traitors Among Us”

  1. Sometimes having the sea under your feet is not a very comforting thing. Those kind like foxholes, mud, cold food, walking, and sleeping in tents. To me, that is worse than walking the plank.

  2. So, what you’re saying is, when I had a choice, and opted for the Wild Blue Yonder rather than the Briny Seas, I was being treacherous? (I’d have thought mutinous more fitting.)

    Well, shiver me timbers! Somebody (SP-type maybe?) should have avasted me.

    Question: How does “Walking the Plank” compare to “Hoisting from the Yardarm?” Severity-wise.

  3. Well, CrewDog, I picked both Air Force (that being my first choice) and Navy….the AF wouldn’t let me back in after I put a thumb in their eye…so I went elsewhere….and stayed loyal for eighteen & one-half years…I knew a good thing when I saw it the second time around…sometimes it takes a good kick in the posterior to get back to reality….
    Mr. Dixon has a good opportunity and at least is smart enough to know it…it can’t be easy getting into West Point…they have a lot of engineers there too….so just because Navy One is enamored of the seagoing service, doesn’t mean he cannot appreciate the loyalty of the others….Isn’t that right N1??….k

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