Panda Meat Is Overrated

So, I had lunch recently at Panda Express. PE is a Chinese restaurant specializing in sesame chicken and noodley dishes:

The Panda Restaurant story began when Andrew Cherng, a young man from the picturesque Yangzhou region of China, came to the United States to pursue his American dream. With little money but a lot of heart, Andrew and his father Master Chef Ming-Tsai Cherng started the first Panda Inn restaurant in Pasadena, Calif.

I ordered the Panda Express special. And I really hate to break this to you, but panda meat is kinda tough and vaguely chickenish.

Pax, a Down-Underoo who blogs at Marion’s Meepings, sent me this next link. On Aussie bamboo socks:

“You asked me to comment on the bamboo socks… The socks were fantastic! I had not one blister from marching, the socks were comfortable and definitely miles better than the issued gear. They didn’t go hard and dig into our feet inside the boots after wearing them for 24 hours and did a good job of drawing the sweat off my feet to stop rubbing and heat spots. They were also a lot warmer than the standard stuff which really helped with the sunny Canberra weather out at Majura at 3am. Definitely worth every cent. ”

Kyle Maher
Officer Cadet
2 Division, Alpha Squadron
Australian Defence Force Academy

When I hunt for product reviews, the very first ones I seek out are the Officer Cadets. My major problem with bamboo socks is that I don’t think I can outrun all the pandas looking to nibble on my sweet feet. And while it might be good pt and fun for the first coupla miles, I don’t like wrestling bears. Even if they are named Ling-Ling.

6 thoughts on “Panda Meat Is Overrated”

  1. ” … panda meat is kinda tough and vaguely chickenish.”

    I know you knew someone was going to ask, so I will: Just what makes you so sure it was panda?

    You ever notice how when someone partakes of a meat with which they are not familiar they usually say, “Tastes like chicken.” ?

    1. However CrewDog, in most cases it’s true..I have discovered the following have a taste reminiscent of chicken: snake, frogs legs and alligator….and I’ve tried them all…sweetbreads doesn’t taste like chicken, at least that I remember and escargot either…I liked all of them; it’s that curiosity to try different things…although I still have a problem with beef liver…for some reason or other I never developed a taste for that…figure that one out…k

      1. Well, okay. The textures are all similar. (I’ve had everything you mentioned. Usually deep fried. Which turns just about anything into a gourmand’s dee-lite!) And, truthfully, without any seasoning at all, they’d probably taste almost exactly the same.

        Escargot: Toss out the gastropod mollusk, keep his little house with the garlicy butter mixture, grab the French bread and commence the dipping! mmmmmmmm

        The key to beef liver is using very thinly sliced veal. Calves’ liver. The young’uns don’t have that twang. Oh, and don’t forget lots and lots of onions.

        Ever tried chicken-fried chicken livers? Some folks think they’re only good as bait for catching bottom-feeding catfish. (Careful when fishing for bottom feeders. Always remember to practice Catch and Release with any lawyers you happen to snag.) Darlin’, I’m telling ya, chicken livers, mashed potatoes, a mess ‘a greens and corn bread is a Southern Boy’s idea of 5-Star dining! Did I mention lots and lots of onions? Sweet tea is optional.

        Sweetbreads? Eckkkkk. Not this ole boy. I know what goes in there. And don’t get me started on Menudo. I am a big, big, long-time fan and preparer of Tex-Mex cookin’, but I just can not bring myself to bite into that deal.

        1. Speaking of chicken livers, Crew Dog…don’t get me started…I love them, live for them and have a recipe handed down to me from my Mom with mushrooms and Martini Dry Vermouth that will have you standing up for more…give me your email and I’ll send it to you..either on mashed potatoes or toast and it is wonderful…and they’re in my freezer…my roommate has a problem with cholesterol but I don’t…so if you and your lovely wife find yourself in the DFW area, I’d be happy to make them for you…just a thought…
          I’m with you on the mollusk shells; the sweet interior lovingly bathed in garlic butter and with the appropriate French bread accompaniment is for me…for years, I refused to even consider tasting these delicious morsels until my mother shoved one in my mouth while sitting in a Parisian restaurant in France…anyway I had a similar experience with sweetbreads in a local Connecticut restaurant on the shoreline….I concluded the same thing; I really liked them…keep me posted…..k

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