Guns and Booze, Hell Yeah

Don’t be fooled by the winking title, I am not so sure this is a winning idea.

Over at the Lakeside Guns Shop, in aptly named Powder Springs (Georgia), owner Kristina Brown plans to open a new gun range allowing both guns and liquor.

And it’ll possibly be called the Governor’s Gun Club. One “accident” and the concept could be proven fatal. (Although, they have a safeguard measure planned.) I wish ’em success.

9 thoughts on “Guns and Booze, Hell Yeah”

  1. It seems like a not very good idea…at first blush…but there are conditions…I guess they’ll find out first hand how good or bad an idea this turns out to

  2. I’ve included adult beverages with a number of activities with varying results. Most often no so good. But never, ever, in my most insane have I combined firearms with drinking. Nor vehicles once I’d semi-matured.

    1. I once heard an old guy say, “I may be getting old but I refuse to grow up!” I’ve adopted the philosophy.

  3. Before moving up here to God’s country, I lived a few miles from Powdertown. I know the types that will go…and need to go. I have spent many a day out in someone’s back yard or field shooting our guns and drinking beer and eating BBQ. It is amazing no one was shot, though there were some close calls. If the lady has some hard rules about the booze, like drinking only after you have shot your fill, unloaded the guns and stored them, then it should be safer than being in the fields.

    1. Pardon moi, but God’s Country is properly identified as the Republic of Texas. I’ll grant GA as a close second, but California is a distant — way, way distant — 40th or 50th.

      And back on point, I love both guns and booze, but not together. That’s like when my first ex-wife met my second ex-wife.

      Bad, bad idea…

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