Hackers and Pirates

I received a letter in the mail yesterday informing me that my personal DoD information had been breached. And today I read this from the good pot-stirrers over at the Navy Crimes. Of course, Big Blue is taking responsibility, not like the bunch of arggggghers (Ahmed Muse Salad, Abukar Osman Beyle and Shani Nurani Shiekh Abrar), who blame the Navy and the FBI for their malfeasance. Good luck with that defense, you brigands. It’s got more holes than Swiss cheese and that is not gouda. Speaking of food, Ahmed Muse Salad is the first pirate’s name? It sounds like some middle-eastern salad at a poetry slam. And that is not gouda either. . .

@BarackObama, Ahmed Muse Salad and Barack Obama?

Oh great, I just got a visit from the blogging police. I was informed that I was not allowed to do any more gouda jokes tonight. Something about it stinks, I was told.

6 thoughts on “Hackers and Pirates”

  1. I’ve been waiting your Pirate Day Post….

    If I were King, we’d have AC-130 making runs up and down the Somali coast 24/7. ROE: Consider everything a ToO. The legal bottom-feeders defending the “alleged” pirates would be disbarred and forced to walk the plank with their “clients.” How’s that for “aggressive actions” lawyer-boy.

    Negotiate my @#?/! I gotchur negotiating right here, creeps. We’ve got a few packs of pent-up SEALs probably panting to clean out a few Pirate dens. Turn ’em loose! Let them negotiate for us.

    Great pic of whats his name with Captain Morgan. Open up a caption contest.

    Gouda don’t stink. It’s great with a sauvignon blanc, some fresh fruit, a little crusty French bread….. mmmmmmm

  2. “the failure to conduct the negotiations with the Somalis in a proper fashion.”

    Really!? Are we talking pirate etiquette or pirate law or more like guidelines?

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