At the Thyme Contemporary Cafe

At the Thyme Contemporary Cafe, head chef and owner David Viens runs a tight ship. He has a speciality that takes four days to cook. Still, I would avoid it. . .

9 thoughts on “At the Thyme Contemporary Cafe”

  1. That’s pretty sick there, N1…accidentally kill someone?? Could I say only in Califonia or would it be too gauche?…k

  2. I know how “low and slow” helps turn a not-so-great cut of beef into something delectable, but 4 days rendering a corpse! Again, my mind is boggled.

    I wonder if he tossed in a couple of bay leaves? An onion or two? A clove of garlic? Maybe he was working on a new roux.

    1. Low and slow, I like that. Except for this particular cut. And then I prefer rare, as in uncooked. And alive. (Nevermind, I am just digging myself a hole here.) As for other ingredients, i think he went a little Asian on us, you know: lemongrass, a pinch of curry. And some thyme, if he had some.

  3. I thought it was pretty ingenious. Boil her down and give the bones to the dogs. All he had to do was keep his mouth shut. But I didn’t show this to Judy. No need giving her ideas.

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