Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner at RIMPAC 2014?

Mao Zedong’s flag

Here is an idea, let’s invite China to RIMPAC 2014. SecDef noted the following: we can learn from China’s experience leading [United Nations] peacekeeping missions in Cyprus and in the Western Sahara. . . 

Yes, like everybody, I have been very interested (riveted) in the peacekeeping missions in Cyprus and West Sahara. Diplomacy, it is not only framing your college diploma. . .

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  1. Well, I see that is Leon Panetta’s recommendation …but is that a really good idea?? Our government know-it-alls are probably doing this as a courtesy because we owe China so much money and probably a suggestion by higher ups…a strong one…k

  2. Oh what a neat idea! Put them as close as possible to equipment/technology they’ve been copying/stealing/reverse engineering. It’ll make their next carrier, missile or stealth a/c project so much better.

    Who the hell comes up with these friggin’ ideas!

    “China’s experience leading [United Nations] peacekeeping missions in Cyprus and in the Western Sahara. . .” When the hell did that happen? Did I not get an e-mail?

    China = Communist. Period. Their move away from Mao’s Little Red Book is BS. They just found a way to use capitalism and free enterprise to their advantage. Anybody remember Tiananmen Square? Did I misinterpret that little party?

  3. I have served a 6-month UN tour of Cyprus with 40 Commando RM. Hard work enjoyed immensely.

    Diplomacy and peace keeping are essential for this Tinderbox Island. Though the realisation of its importance came to the surface over the past several years through my ‘extended private vocation’.

    One would have to read into the history behind the ‘Cypriot War’ or the ‘Turkish Invasion of Cyprus’ to understand the Islands importance.

    *Basically* the Greek government ordered a coup to over throw the Cypriot Government; it started the war to blow smoke to cover its tracks.
    Arch Bishop Makarios and his Christian orthodox churches were used as weapon supply chains as well as ammunition storage areas that supplied the Cypriot militias [EOKA terrorists].

    The Turkish Muslims responded in kind; the Tinderbox, which had been simmering since the days of the Ottoman Empire, had ignited once again.

    As the battle line steadily moved south, the atrocities committed against civilians on both sides were barbaric; easily on a level playing field with Bosnia, which included its prison camps. The war itself is still used as a logistical study by senior Military statisticians.

    The Turkish military kicked the Cypriot Army all the way down to a squiggly horizontal line running from the West to East coast, and then dug in as the UN negotiated a cease fire. A British intelligence officer observed the held positions of both sides and with a ‘green chinograph wax pencil’ drew the buffer zone separating and dividing North & South; hence the UN green line!

    Cyprus is purposely played down in the world’s military, political & financial arena. The fine balance created through the UN’s ‘peace keeping’ role has created an International ‘sacred’ ground that allows ‘happenings’ to succeed in an other wise delicate part of Asia into the Middle east.

    The Southern ‘Greek’ Cypriots now rely heavily upon handouts from the European Union, as its main industry is tourism (the miserable €Euro its currency)! Times are hard across Europe, people do not travel and party as they once did.

    The Northern ‘Turkish’ Cypriots have the ‘finer benefits’ of tourism but do not rely upon it. They farm and sell produce all over Asia, as well as mainland Turkey. If they require financial assistance to build power stations or hospitals it is provided without high interest rates by its mighty ‘mainland’ father.

    A little known fact (whisper it around the bazaars).
    Turkey is an almighty industrial, military, & financial powerhouse that stabalises the bridge between Europe and Western Asia. If it had the inclination it could wipe its oldest enemy Greece of the map (militarily & financially). They could also walk through Syria without even breaking into a sweat… (If and when they are requested to do so)!

    In addition;
    Cyprus (North & South) provides the greatest ‘passive’ listening posts for all areas of operations within Asia & the Middle East.
    Take a guess which side provides the best and most trusted intelligence to two of its greatest allies (USA & UK)?
    Northern Cyprus!

    (Even though the UK has military establishments [Sovereign Base Areas] as well as airfields in the South it prefers to work with ‘Johnnie Turk’).

    Who do the Russians and Chinese trust the most with their senior banking?
    ( $USD Trillions, as well as ‘off ledger’ funds, stocks and shares and trading)?
    Yes, you may have guessed, Turkey.

    Who does the Vatican trust with ‘certain’ financial business?
    Yes, you may have guessed, Turkey.

    Who does the US deal with on a daily basis?
    Yes, you may have guessed, Turkey.

    The same goes for the United Arab Emirates…

    * Oops! Did I forget to mention that Israel also banks with Turkey; conducts its oil purchase (buyer/seller) transfers and stores some of its AU metal within its vaults?
    *(Forget the rattling of sabres against Israel; it is for the benefit of the general public)!

    (If you’re interested; the ‘scum’ of the earth dictators actually bank in Indonesia).

    And lets not forget that the ‘de facto’ world currency used for trading in oil, AU metal, etc is $USD.
    Which means the true powerhouse receiving ‘for-ex’ payments at a massive level is the USA; the world’s policeman supported by its staunch ally, the UK. (Who also uses Turkey via the financial houses of Canary Wharf).

    There have been two challenges against the $USD for the ‘de facto’ position. A third is underway as I type.

    1. The Japanese Yen in the 80’s. Japan went into recession as it was destabilised [by foreign powers] through its fast growth, unfortunately it did not conduct [store its ‘off ledger’ funds] financial business with Turkey. It seriously proved its downfall. The US ‘Christian Internal Advisers’ worked their corner well as it safeguarded the interests of its people.

    2. The €Euro. Modern day, which is now sliding down a slippery slope to oblivion. (Say good-bye to the European Union every one)! All hail the Christian Internal Advisors… (Even though the ‘EU’ is allowed to work at a certain level within Turkish financial institutions, the fragmentation of so many countries’ under one flag has proved to be its weakness). Not my flag I hasten to add!

    3. China. The future. China has planned the downfall of the €Euro as only the Chinese could. As a country its industry and strength has rose quickly, but with stealth. Its investment in merchant banks as well as major industrial countries around the world has given China influence. It continues to grow, but its growth is flawed. When the bubble bursts it will not affect China, its hidden debt will cripple existing weakened international economies.
    China now dominates Africa in every way shape and form; it has out manoeuvred Russia, whose infrastructure is crumbling through greed and state corruption.

    Little facts to finish off.
    Since the first evening of the cease-fire in Cyprus, the Turkish Army conducts ‘the shout’, which starts at 23:59 hours at the first sentry position on the West coast; the armed sentry will call to the next sentry position. He calls out his sentry post number and that “all is well” in addition to the time. This continues across the to the East coast final sentry position, who then logs the time of the last shout.

    One balmy evening (mid 80’s) at the UN’s Bravo-18 ‘buffer zone’ location, I listened for ‘the shout’ coming across. I thought I had missed it so I went and checked with the roof top marine and asked “did it pass by” “nope, it stopped” came the reply, “strange” says I.
    A single shot rang out into the night air, which made us both duck. The ‘Johnnie Turk’ conscript had fallen asleep on watch, unfortunately for him the ‘on watch sector officer’ had not. ‘The shout’ continued very soon after when the deceased’s ‘relief’ stood too… It passed each evening there after with out mishap.

    ‘Johnnie Turk’ continues to do the same to this day as they are still on a war footing. (Back then the Greek Cypriot conscripts facing them could be heard most evenings singing until they fell asleep, drunk).

    As a tourist in Nicosia, should you ever wish to enter into the Northern side from Southern Cyprus, you have to walk through a ‘customs’ style portakabin. The guards’ ridicule’ your decision for doing so, quite rudely. They also stop you to point out the colour and black and white photographs of the civilian dead, which are plastered across the walls.
    On the ‘other’ side ‘Johnnie Turk’ responds in kind with their own pictures; however, they are very polite and genial in their manner.

    Yours Aye

    Ex Bootneck

    1. Utterly fascinating. Tinderbox Island sounds like a genial place. I think the natural inclination is to side with the south, which is quite unfair if I read your historical notes correctly.

  4. Batten down the hatches Formosa. This administration has turned it’s back on Israel. Give them four more years and Japan will be next.

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