Hanoi Jane as Nancy Reagan?

Jane Fonda and Alan Rickman as Nancy and Ronald Reagan.

Jane Fonda is playing Nancy Reagan and Alan Rickman is starring as Ronald Reagan in a new movie? Lee Daniels directed the flick called The Butler, about just that. A butler to 8 US Presidents. If you read the comments, you may want to down-vote this one:

I met this woman in person not too long ago and she looked marvelous. Her surgeries were done so well she looks like she just aged well and she takes great care of herself. She is very thin and small boned in person and was very gracious to the people who talked to her. She took her time and spoke with everyone at the women’s conference I was attending. This is not Hanoi Jane and she did turn out to be right about the vietnam war. Vietnam war was a total disaster. I was a young person in that time frame and we hated the coverups and lies we were told.

Yes, it is Hanoi Jane and for her to play Nancy Reagan is treasonous. . .

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  1. This woman is beyond contempt. A leopard cannot change it’s spots, people should vote with their feet and boycott it.

    Not too many people are aware of the fact that the UK SAS/SBS served in Vietnam working alongside the ‘Aussies’. There were also UK Military ‘special advisors’ who also served in country.

    In general; the terms ‘Celebrity’ and ‘Super model’ make my skin crawl. The ‘hero’ worship they receive is far beyond me. I cringe when I see how much attention they crave.

    Yours Aye
    (going to make a pot of tea to calm down)
    Ex Bootneck

  2. Knowing how you feel, Ex Bootneck, I concur with your assessment….a few years back when I worked at Bank of America in Connecticut, Jane Fonda made an appearance at the local library in the town of Madison where I resided with my mother. It’s about twenty miles from New Haven, Connecticut where Yale University is located. For information purposes, there were a contingent of former military members there who were protesting her presence there…and had I known in advance what was happening, I would have begged off work to attend and cited my disgust as well…the woman is a traitor and a sleaze…her final insult is to appear in this film to both Nancy and Ronald Reagan…where else but in America?? I have never hated anyone in my life, but this woman makes my blood boil….the list of who I have no tolerance for is growing….k

    1. Kristen

      HMS London tied up in the Sub Base in New London after her Key West trip.

      Having blown my kidneys in Key West I decided to make this stop a cultural one (sort of). Myself and a good ship-mate travelled all around Connecticut visiting as many English named towns as we could, sending cards home from each post office. I had no idea as to how many people from England had settled there in past history.

      (Too many towns to take in, too many cards to write = fail)! It amazed me as to the hundreds of English named towns were spread around the area.

      We stopped over night in Madison, which I recall was at a restaurant/hotel close to the beach front.

      Unbelievably we drove along ‘Durham Road’ from Madison to reach Durham! The icing on the cake was to visit the ‘old grave yard’ on Old Cemetery Road, Durham. My mate looked for a past distant relatives grave, which we found as it forms part of his ‘Family tree’. The country side in Autumn was spectacular.

      From my home town of Stockton, the Durham Road (to Durham and beyond onto Newcastle) was built by the Romans, [as was there want], the road is as straight as a die, which is a typical Roman trait.

      The world gets smaller through the ‘net’.

      Yours Aye

      1. “I had no idea as to how many people from England had settled there in past history.”

        Forgive me, but I couldn’t help but wonder. And chuckle.

        I guess you and I were given different history books?

        1. ExAFCrewDog

          I suppose our History books did differ slightly.

          History and English lessons went hand in hand when I was a young lad, and in quite a lot of detail.

          The historical period was covered from when England was inhabited some 800.000 (eight hundred thousand) years ago up to the Troubles in Northern Ireland in the mid 70’s. (I left to join the Royal Marines as a Junior Marine entry at 16.)

          A quick History Syllabus break down would just roughly be…

          The Glacial period, the Neolithic period, the Bronze age, the Iron age, the Industrial revolution and beyond to the British Empire.

          The Celts, the Belgae tribes (the Atrebates, the Catuvellauni, the Trinovantes).

          The Romans, the Anglo Saxons, the Vikings, the Normans. the French.

          The English Civil War & the Middle ages.

          The Political and Religious wars of the Vatican (Roman Catholic to Church of England).

          The Tudors of the Renaissance period.

          Combine that with every War throughout the ages within Europe.

          The Holy Wars of Palestine (King Richard the Lion Heart).

          Modern History of The United Kingdom.

          Social History of England.

          Ireland and its political History.
          * Where the Lord & Gentry Protestants of England took the finest farmland, and beat down the Catholics in doing so [to this day in Northern Ireland; hill farms belong to the Catholics, & flat land farms to the Protestants].

          When Brennan-on-the-Moor became a local hero and legend.


          The Dublin uprising, where my Grandmothers cousin was one of the youngest ringleaders who fought from the Post Office aged 16; who, when captured by the British was too young to execute and received a 15 year sentence of hard labour in lieu.

          When most of my family were forced out of the Republic because of the potato famine they had to move to England to survive; and endure a change of Surname to a more sounding ‘English’ one.
          Those who refused had life made intolerable, but stubbornly they did refuse; and to this day I am proud of my name BRENNAN.

          Those who left for New York and Ellis Island to start a new life were never forgotten. Sadly a few stepped straight off the ship to be forced into a Civil War that they knew nothing of, “sign here to be a US citizen” “sign here to join and fight for the great Northern Army”. Never to return.

          After visiting the US (thrice) and several of it’s Ports I studied the areas concerned and educated myself. I did the same throughout my 23 year career.

          After the trip to New London, Connecticut. I went a little deeper to understand the full history & culture that I had little chance to enjoy, with the full intention of returning one day (soon).

          And there we have it?

          Geography next, which is mind blowing!

          Yours Aye

          Ex Bootneck

          1. Uh, it seems my attempt at “humour” went awry. (not an unusual occurrence)

            You commented that you didn’t know many people from England had settled there in past history. According to history books given me in my youth, Connecticut, being one of our (USA) original colonies, was settled and inhabited primarily by British ex-pats. Hence, my assumption the history books of your youth omitted/overlooked this point. Perhaps it has something to do with that little dustup (1775-83)?

            In honor of your family’s lineage: Erin go Bragh!

        2. ExAFCrewDog

          Sorry mate, I understood what you meant;

          I just tried to explain that we were almost knocked punch drunk with History lessons as kids (even after school my ‘Gran’ then started on the ‘Emerald Isles’ and the family history lesson, there was no escape).

          Sadly the schools over here under the last Labour Government did not place any great emphasis on real history, more on class struggle and PC teachings. This has since changed and we have now stiffened the education process, which is running back to true form.

          1775-83 saw the redcoats too far stretched around the ‘Empire’, they deserved to get their backsides kicked… The majority of the Senior Officer hierarchy bought their commissions and had no hunger for the promised land, they only wanted ‘title’ from foreign shores as it helped them back in their clubs and climb the social ladder within London Society in general.

          The professional Officers had nothing but contempt for these strutting peacocks as did the men serving beneath them.

          (‘as I spit into the spitkid with contempt’)!

          I have an English body and an Irish heart…

          And I would willingly wish the UK became the 51st state rather than allow it to become part of the European Union.

          Yours Aye

          Ex Bootneck

          1. Nothing to be sorry about.

            As the great Brit, Sir Winston, allegedly said (and I’m probably paraphrasing), “We are two great nations separated by a common language.”

            Sad to report, schools over here, IMO, suffer greatly in the history teaching department. Viet Nam, for instance, seems to be completely eliminated by many. On occasion I’ve talked to young folk about an historical event and find they know not the first thing about that of which I speak. Or their understanding of the facts is almost diametrically opposed to mine.

            In the eighth grade I was blessed to have a teacher who sparked an interest in me for history. He wove stories around extremely dry data. He could bring events to life in my mind’s eye. Because of him I learned how to look deeper into any subject and find the story behind the facts.

            You say you have an Irish heart. I have a love of the Irish. Whiskey. Preferably Bushmill’s 10. On day’s ending in “y.” If the date is deserving of an annotation on the calendar, then we move on to 16. Now, on me own personal date of origination, the heavenly 21! All of it, of course, neat. Always! Here’s to you, mate.

          2. ExAFCrewDog

            I have a bottle of Black Bush in my ‘medicine’ cabinet, purely for medicinal purposes…

            Nothing better in the winter months than a hot toddy, made in the traditional way. (A good three finger measurement in in my old tin mug; heated up with a red hot poker from the open fire, toped off with a little honey and stir).

            It helps that I have fingers the size of oxygen bottles…

            I have visited the Bushmills Distillery on the coast of County Antrim several times. And always left seven sheets to the wind. I believe the vapours escaping into the air is the cause of it.

            Last time I was in Bushmills village I noticed a sign (before entering the Distillery), that mentioned the village was twinned with Louisville Kentucky.

            The place is very popular with visiting US citizens.

            I can feel a sneeze and a sniffle coming on now!

            Yours Aye…

      2. It is very interesting you mention this…I was born in New York (Schenectady – where there are lots of folks of German ancestry; I’m one of them) and was raised in Connecticut…the weather is very similar to that of the British Isles…now that I’ve moved to someplace completely different, I miss the cooler weather of New England…
        You mention your trip to Durham…the road you traveled to get to there wasn’t far from my mother’s house…US Route 1 where the center of town and the Green was was situated less than a mile from there…you had to have traveled up Route 79 to get to Durham and it is a very pretty ride in the fall…the leaves are phenomenal that time of year…my mother also left me a summer camp on the Canadian border in the State of Maine…really nice if you yen for isolation and like 50 degree weather in the month of July…those global warming theorists are nuts to believe that stuff…I was stationed not too far from there at one time as well…anyhow, Madison was a great place…I have to get back to the camp next summer hopefully for a month or two…k

        1. Kristen

          I find isolation so good for the soul, and 50 degrees sounds so good at the moment.

          Summer is turning away over here, though the days are still bright, the dark nights are starting to creep in.

          Global Warming???
          Just an excuse to set up an industry on a subject that definitely does not exist. I would love to get into a ‘discussion with ‘Al Gore’ and interrogate his ‘font of knowledge’.

          A few months back I sat and listened to an open discussion on the subject… The main speaker for GW forgot to mention his families background in supplying land surveys to the GW industry.

          A young woman stood up and not only tore his theory to pieces in a very articulate way; she also brought the house down by explaining in great detail just what his involvement was, and then pointed out the fact that a ‘Dutch’ wind farm company actually paid him to speak on the subject around the UK. Even his car was supplied by them.

          (Exit one very embarrassed ‘expert’ who left two others behind to carry the can on his behalf).

          People over here are fed up to the back teeth with it all (GW). There are true winds of change afoot that will see and end to it before too long.

          Yours Aye…

          1. I certainly hope you are right about that…on the ever diminishing returns on ‘climate change’..and I do wish someone could convince the Bamster to stop throwing away American tax dollars on bankrupt wind farms and solar companies…why people are afraid to tell him his ideas have never worked, is mystifying…I have had conversations with the blindly faithful that have been less than cordial on that very topic…you cannot speak reason, logic or common sense to the proponents of this nonsensical theory…when you describe the carbon cycle, you get a look of complete utter bewilderment…are these people really that stupid? And yet, they know it all…if CO2 was that dangerous, as they seem to think, we could breathe on them and kill them all….it almost sounds as if we are living in the age of witchcraft and superstition the way they act….somebody once asked me if I thought she was stupid while I was discussing this very topic..I should have said yes, just to suspend all doubt… or something like you should ask yourself that question and not me..when you allow others to define who you are (the MSM) then it remains doubtful you will come up with anything other than a positive answer…they certainly think common, average run of the mill everyday people are so much less intelligent than they are themselves (the hive mentality of the MSM) so although I might not think it, but those who allow themselves to be defined by an increasingly propagandistic media should be very careful what they believe…everyone needs to define themselves in their own terms…

            Anyway, before I realized it, and I didn’t confirm it but you did describe the Old Durham Road…on your consequential travels through my former state of Connecticut…Route 79….I’d also have to inquire…you mentioned something about a restaurant there…the Lafayette Inn, Dolly Madison’s, The Wharf…and I suspect you missed one other: Malone’s, an Irish pub that was in an out of the way location off a side street, a convenient distance from the local Catholic Church…spent an occasional Sunday brunch there…
            The camp in Maine usually is opened sometime in June when the six to ten feet of snow that Mother Nature dumped there throughout the winter months has finally melted…it was left to my mother by one of her husbands (she had four) and now it is mine until I depart this mortal coil or sell it, whichever comes first…anyone with an appreciation of nature and love of the outdoors, fishing and isolation (not complete – the US Border Patrol wanders in and out every so often lately) and cooler weather would love the place…I didn’t appreciate until I got older and was stationed one hundred forty miles from it at a Naval Security site…this a time in my life I learned to appreciate privacy….and that’s where I remain today…thanks…k

  3. My uncle, who did three tours in Vietnam, absolutely spits and slobbers with anger at the mere mention of Jane Fonda. I think we will pass on this new movie.

  4. “… Fonda looks the spitting image …”

    Seems fitting, to use the word spitting, in a story about a “person” who will always be remembered for the era when she was earning her infamy.

    But, I absolutely disagree with the descriptor. To me, she looks like just another someone attempting to look like someone else.

  5. Since my Dad was, and the FodGuy IS, VietNam vets, and since I was with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, with a LOT of VietNam vets, as you can imagine, eyes are rolling here …………………………….. Doesn’t Alan Rickman appear more of a drunk, dissipated, bloated Alec Baldwin than Ronald Reagan, though?

    Semper Fi’

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