Aussie Lieutenant Resorts to Spanking

John Paul Jones, not John Alan Jones

I’ll admit it, I take leadership tips from anyone. If I see a particularly good way of communicating or connecting, I will adopt it as my own. When I saw that Lieutenant John Alan Jones adopted spanking, yes spanking, as a way to train/harass his female subordinates, I thought: hmmmmm, is that effective? I’ve never tried it?!? 

But in sad news, Lieutenant John Alan Jones, used to be known as Lieutenant Commander John Alan Jones. As in he lost rank and is now in the brig. Too bad, naval officers with three names starting John and ending in Jones usually have a pretty good go of this navally business.

7 thoughts on “Aussie Lieutenant Resorts to Spanking”

  1. Geez and I thought they were on a date…you know how that goes… you’re a hard man, Navy One…Yuck…k

      1. Well, I was only taking the activity into consideration, as you can imagine….you know, from the school of minor sado-masichism and not the participants…actually, spanking can be fun from a liberally exercised point of view….. k

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