Adel Tlatli, One Angry Coach

Adel Tlatli is the name of the gentleman below. He just took an utter whipping at the hands of some unnamed US sports team. But he still beat the Vegas line. Just for giggles, his first name translates as fair. Uh oh, I heard he slapped a player in the game, I’m not sure if the name fits:

Adel Tlatli, the coach of the Tunisian men’s national team

Hoopin’ Navy Ships

Remember the Carrier Classic, that basketball game between the University of North Carolina and Michigan State on the USS Vinson? Standby for the Navy/Marine Corps Classic, between the Florida Gators* and the Georgetown Hoyas. To be played on the USS Bataan, a fine Navy Gator. (Gator is slang for an amphib.) On Nov. 9, in Mayport.

USS Bataan: Georgetown Hoyas Vs Florida Gators

More naval hoops, this time on the Midway:

Syracuse is facing San Diego State aboard the decommissioned carrier Midway in San Diego Harbor (with a TV deal, even), and Ohio State will face Marquette on the decommissioned carrier Yorktown off Charleston, S.C.

I’ve walked the Midway and the Yorktown. Proud ships, both.

* In the interest of displaying my steely self-control, I’m not pointing out the obvious Florida Gator/Navy Gator reference. . .

The Brady Brunch

Table tennis players watching the ball during the London 2012 Olympic Games. Players are, top row (L to R), Denmark’s Michael Maze, Brazil’s Caroline Kumahara, Austria’s Werner Schlager. Middle row (L to R) China’s Zhang Jike, Iran’s Neda Shahsavari, Germany’s Kristin Silbereisen. Bottom row (L to R) Colombia’s Paula Medina, South Korea’s Oh Sangeun, India’s Soumyajit Ghosh.

Here’s little story, about a man named Brady, and he was bringing up nine ping-pong players from the Olympics! Denmark’s Michael Maze and Brazil’s Caroline. . .

Cheerleaders and Dancers in the Olympics?

Sorry if I’ve not been paying attention, but since when do we have cheerleaders or dancers in the Olympics? Three British Soldiers and three Olympic dancers?

British soldiers stand guard next to dancers awaiting their turn to perform between beach volleyball matches at the London 2012 Olympic Games at Horse Guards Parade.

Wonder how those chaps pulled that cush duty? Report to the beach, Sergeant!
(More dancers and cheerleaders at the link. I have a low tolerability factor for male cheerleaders and dancers. Don’t they have something better to do, like soldier?)

Which is Crazier?

Snoop Lion

Which is crazier, that Snoop Dogg was “born again” and changed his name to Snoop Lion (Snoop Lyin’?) or that lil’ North Korea has three gold medals in the London Olympics?

The one-time gangsta rapper has a reggae album titled Reincarnated, with the song “No Guns Allowed” on it. And Korea Norte apparently has some great weightlifters. . .

The Ghost, a New Kind of Navy Ship

The Ghost, the vision of Gregory Sancoff, the founder and CEO of Juliet Marine Systems

Ghost ships are abandoned vessels bobbing around the middle of the ocean. And no one is aboard. Except ghosts. And creepy music. And spiderwebs. Here’s a different kind of ghost:

 “It’s almost as much an aircraft as it is a boat,” says its inventor, Gregory Sancoff, the founder and CEO of Juliet Marine Systems, a private company in Portsmouth, NH.

The vehicle, dubbed the “Ghost,” is the first of its kind and is garnering attention from organizations like the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, defense contractors, and foreign governments—as well as hackers in foreign countries, who are presumably trying to figure out how it works. Juliet Marine Systems has received about $10 million in total funding, about half of which comes from its founder and private investors. The startup’s institutional investor is Avalon Ventures, a VC firm with offices in the San Diego and Boston areas.

Do we get a pilot or a SWO (Surface Warfare Officer) to drive that thang?

How to Get the Most Out of Your Senior NCOs

First Lt. Daniel Midgett of the 5th Special Forces Group, right, kicks Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Duncan of Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., on July 27 during the 2012 U.S. Army Combatives Tournament at Fort Hood, Texas.

That guy is LT Midgett? Of the 5th Special Forces Group?
Somehow I pictured someone different. Someone in a different weight class.