Michael Phelps, Navy SEAL

Michael Phelps, Navy SEAL?

Generally, when I have pressing Navy questions that can’t be answered anywhere else, I turn to body building forums to soothe my naval curiosity.

Like this one here, Would Michael Phelps make a good Navy SEAL? 

Be prepared for odd answers, such as: Why are only navy members allowed to become a navy seal? 

138 responses so far. Maybe we should send our Skippers to this forum as way to steer them clear of trouble. They could gather career tips and naval advice. (Warning: link sends you to the sordid story of CDR Michael P. Ward II. Who faked his own death. To get out of a relationship with a preggers 23 year old woman. After he told her he was in special ops. {Aren’t we all?} While he was the skipper of the USS Pittsburgh. For all of a week. CDR Mike Ward, enjoy retirement.)

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