Cuba, that Hellhole, and Their Olympics Gear

Any honest person, in looking at current pictures of Cuba, know it to be a backwater dump. No new cars, no industry to speak of, with the exception of perhaps cigars (tobacco), sugar, and mining. I’ve known many great Cubans who came to America and became successful. So I am not bagging on the people, only their governmental leadership.

Let’s look at the pole vaulting pole of one of their Olympic pole vaulters, Lazaro Borges:

Lazaro Borges, Cuban track and field athlete, shattered his pole into three pieces during the London 2012 Olympics

It shattered in three pieces. Amazing. Poor guy. Defect Lazaro. . .  

5 thoughts on “Cuba, that Hellhole, and Their Olympics Gear”

  1. ““Kings play the fool, and the people suffer for it.”
    Fidel is reportedly “only 84% dead”–and the people suffer. []
    Raul, the successor, is seeking a rapprochement with our own “PRESIDENT FOR LIFE”, El Bastardo–and the people suffer.
    But a kind of “hydraulic pressure” is building in both the USA and Cuba.
    We, the people, will have a new President elected this November–his VP was leaked to be PAUL RYAN, which is a SUPERB CHOICE. God help Cuba–and the people suffer.

  2. Love your site guys, but I”m gonna have to call foul on this one. If you’ve been around pole vaulting for any length of time, you will know that broken poles is a pretty common occurrence.

    1. Interesting. In my amateur pole-vaulting watching experience, I’ve never seen it. Of course, that does no diminish the facts, that Cuba is barely functioning.

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