React, a New TV Show on the SEALs

From the guys who did Act of Valor: React, a tv show on SEALs

The handful of guys I’ve known who have gone through BUD/S (SEAL training) either come back banged-up or disappear. As in, they are off doing the operator thing. And that is the way it should be. SEALs should stay in the background, on the DL. (DL means down-low for all you non-linguists. . .)

Although I’ll watch this show, called React (on TNT) I wish the publicity would go away from our spec-war guys:

The Turner-owned cable network is developing React with the producer, director and editor of Relativity Media’s feature Act of ValorThe Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Former Suits showrunner Sean Jablonski will pen the script for React, with Barry Josephson (Bones) attached to produce the original effort. Scott Waugh, who handled producing, editing and directing duties on the feature, is on board to produce and helm the pilot along with some of his Bandito Brothers partners should the project move forward.

Act of Valor, like React?

For Jablonski, the project marks the latest effort following USA Network’s Suits, which he departed in August ahead of its second season.

Here is a poll on whether television publicity is good for the SEALs and here is a story about Deryck Dickerson, a Coronado SEAL, who is running the Spartan Death Race.

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  1. Sort of torn. SEALs are hardly on the DL and have not been for decades. Maybe Marcinko really got this started, but the many followup books from dozens of former SEALs, Delta, other Special Operations folks, not to menton the fiction books, mean that SEALs the whole SpecOps community is in view. Maybe that is good. The enemy needs to know that we can do all this, and far more; maybe that will cause someone to hesitate. The real shame is when pols leak details of current real world operations and capabilities that are less known for political and personal advantage, or to show that they are really tough guys who can make the gutsy decisions. Right.

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