Black Dust on the F-22 Raptor

Standby for three posts in a row on birds, this time with the Air Force. The F-22 has a much publicized oxygen problem. Now it is having charcoal issues after the installed charcoal filters caused its pilots to cough up black dust:

The Air Force grounded the Raptor for four months last year after pilots reported blackouts, and a 2010 crash of an F-22 in Alaska killed its pilot. An investigation by manufacturers Boeing and Lockheed Martin was inconclusive. And then the problems got worse. The Air Force attached charcoal filters to On-Board Oxygen Generating System, OBOGS. But then pilots began choking up black phlegm, as the charcoal filters were causing black dust to enter the pilots’ lungs.

An F-22 prepares to refuel during a training flight.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ordered to the F-22s to restrict travel outside of nearby landing locations where a hypoxia-stricken pilot could make a quick landing. Panetta also ordered the Air Force to begin installing an oxygen backup system. This is while two F-22 pilots, Capt. Josh Wilson and Maj. Jeremy Gordon, blew the whistle on 60 Minutes.

Install a temporary oxygen system and rip the current system out. It is not hard.

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  1. Sorry all you engineers that want to show just how smart you are, but the KISS principal is till the best one out there.

  2. Kurt: Yes, without a doubt. This is utterly ridiculous.
    MSgt B: Lox? That makes me hungry thinking about it. Imagining chive cream cheese right now. . .

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