Florida Man Gets 162 Years in Prison

Two months ago, nineteen year-old Quartavious Davis was sentenced to 162 years in prison. The budding genius participated in a string of armed robberies in Miami:

Quartavious Davis is still shocked by what happened to him in federal court two months ago.

“My first offense, and they gave me all this time,” said Davis, a pudgy African American with dreadlocks who spoke with Reuters at the Federal Detention Center in Miami. “Might just as well say I’m dead.”

Davis was convicted of participating in a string of armed robberies in the Miami area in 2010. His accomplices testified against him, saying he carried a gun during their crimes and discharged it at a dog that chased them after one of their burglaries.

My first offense? I read “string of armed robberies.” Can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

7 thoughts on “Florida Man Gets 162 Years in Prison”

  1. I can’t argue that he should not have to do time and lots of it, but there are murders who do less time. The justice system has odd priorities – take a life & do a bit of time; take money & do lots of time. I guess it all depends on the crime and the criminal.

  2. His momma should be locked up for giving him that name. He commited a string of armed robberies and discharged a firearm while commiting a felony. Lock him up.

  3. AsSGM: The injustice, the horror. . .
    Lou: Sentencing is weird, I agree.
    Sgt M: Throw away the key, apparently.
    Ellie: Chose your friends carefully.

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