Navy Seal Dies

A Navy Seal answering (sometimes) to the name Gunnar has passed away. Among other feats, he was dive-qualled to 500 feet. Gunnar was thrity-eight years old:

He was a U.S. Navy seal best known for learning to use a screwdriver. And now Cold War veteran Gunnar has passed away on Monday. He was 38-years-old at the time of his death and enjoying some quiet living in Washington DC’s National Zoo.

Gunnar, the U.S. Navy Seal

To be clear, Gunnar was not a U.S. Navy SEAL, the elite military group that took out Osama bin Laden. Rather, Gunnar was an actual seal, used by the Navy during the Cold War to fetch items from the ocean floor at depths of nearly 500 feet.

RIP Gunnar and thanks for your service. You make all seals (and SEALs) proud. Your children Kara and Kjia undoubtably mourn your passing. . .

3 thoughts on “Navy Seal Dies”

  1. These Navy seals have been loyal and true friends…that they actually like human beings is one of their most endearing qualities…I’ve always wondered why these mammals in particular seem to care about human beings particularly when they see them in distress situations in the water.. sometimes whales demonstrate these very qualities as well…is it because we’re all mammals under the skin???k

  2. Kris: We are all mammals unless you are a snake. Then you are a reptile.
    CP: It does. Maybe some Listerine might help?

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