Mandatory Arabic in Harlem

The Hamilton Heights School in Harlem is offering its students Arabic. I commend all linguistic endeavors and found the article interesting. Although, making Arabic mandatory seems like a stretch:

Twelve second graders ran around a classroom playing “Simon Says” and “Duck, Duck, Goose.” But it wasn’t just for fun. The students at the Hamilton Heights School were learning Arabic, which will be offered to all second- through fifth-grade students in the fall. . .

Currently, the 239 students at P.S. 368 can learn Spanish or Mandarin after school. This year, 35 students studied Spanish and 42 studied Mandarin. In March, a small pilot group of 12 students took Arabic classes instead of recess.

I posted earlier on a “bathroom” in Seville. And I talked about the choice of the word hammam. It gets mentioned in this article:

“My favorite word is hammem,” Olivia said with a mischievous grin. “It means toilet.”

That has been my favorite word too. In the past. Not recently though. At least not today.

13 thoughts on “Mandatory Arabic in Harlem”

  1. I saw this recently myself and heard of it on the ABC radio…this is called dawah…and what it implies something more than just a mere ‘invitation’…this does not bode well…when it is made mandatory, it really means indoctrination…the public education system has become the worse America has to offer and they are turning out little robots, marching in lockstep…and they’re not so bright either…this is what all those billions of Saudi money means…and all those mosques too…not a good sign N1….k

  2. Like K said, this is so wrong on so many levels! What the hell happened to “assimilation?”

    To top it off, the child is taught a bathing facility is a toilet?! Says something about the teacher. IMHO.

    The reason English is used worldwide at airports is because of the myriad of words. No misunderstandings (usually). Same thing at important meetings/conferences. Not the easiest language to learn, I know. But worth the effort.

  3. MJ – I saw this nonsense this morning while eating my cereal and spit milk through my nose. How does this make any sense at all? This country has to take a hard look at what our educators are systematically doing to our children and either stop it or balance it out with manditory viewing of “band of brothers” in high school.

    Also I got a chance to go with my son’s Boy Scout Troup 309 to the Zachary Taylor Cemetery this morning to put flags on all the graves of our fallen heroes. Really moving to see all those white headstones and realize what these men and women did to secure our freedom. Actually put a post up with tears in my eyes as I did so.

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