The Mighty USS Iowa Heads to LA

San Francisco, being that frustrating town that it is, is losing the USS Iowa. The city folks could hardly care- I remember the public discussions on the matter. The Iowa’s new home? El Lay, Hollywood, and the Sunset Strip*:

The battleship Iowa, a storied vessel that languished for years in the U.S. Navy’s mothball fleet, is about to start its final journey, from San Francisco to its permanent home as a museum in the Port of Los Angeles.

USS Iowa

Next Sunday, four tugboats will guide the Iowa, among the biggest U.S. battleships ever built, under the Golden Gate Bridge and out of the San Francisco Bay. One of them, the 7,200-horsepower Warrior, will chug down the coast with the massive ship in tow, taking three or four days to reach Southern California.

Once they get it up and running (not this year), try to get aboard. I’ve walked onto the battleship the USS New Jersey and it gave me the chills. Yes, it was cold below, but it is also historical with a capital H. As in: Historical. 

* Yes, that was a Huey Lewis and the News reference.

8 thoughts on “The Mighty USS Iowa Heads to LA”

  1. We just had ourselves a little Huey Lewis and the News moment there. I saw them in OKC back in the 80s. Place was crawling with chicks. I gotta go.

  2. I’ve been on board the USS New Jersey and she is BIG. One crew department holds more men than was on my entire ship. I would love to have gone to sea on a BB, but they were all gone by the time I joined. I would also like to have been on board when the fired a full salvo. WOW!

  3. I was aboard New Jersey while she was still commissioned… One hellva set of boats!!! :-) And sadly, you never get to tour the whole ship (Probably because folks would get lost)!!!

  4. Note to Japanese Imperial Navy:

    Go ahead, you can invade SF harbor now. Hell, bomb it. We won’t fight. We don’t need it any more. It’s full of non-traditional couples anyway.

    Freaking SFO. This BB worked in the Atlantic and Pacific fleets. It helped to keep the Japanese fleet from taking Hawaii and the West Coast. Oh, yeah, big budget deficit this year…they cut out teaching History 101.

  5. I’ve driven by the mothball fleet several times… I’m sure the USS Iowa will make an amazing museum. A few years ago we toured the USS Hornet which is anchored in Alameda…it was a cool experience.

  6. Lou: Me too!
    OkieRover: They were great. Always liked them.
    CP: A full salvo is quite a sight. And a boom.
    Old NFO: You were on a piece of history.
    Bob: True. The city is lost.
    Lauren: Ah, the Hornet. I’ve been on her too.

  7. What an amazing ship! So much freedom is packed in those 16 inch guns. So much history. Rumor has it that Congress authorized these ships to remain in as much a readiness state as possible for a museum; in the event they must be re-commissioned.

    The USS Texas just celebrated her 100th birthday. Of course, not an Iowa class Battleship.

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