Fake Military Charity Steals $100 Million

Bobby C. Thompson, Navy Vets Scam

Hell would be a safer place for this scumbag if Sailors or Marines ever get ahold of him. Ripping off the public in the name of military vets is a crime akin to murder:

A fugitive on the run for more than two years has been arrested on accusations that he ran a scam that collected $100 million in donations from people in dozens of states who believed they were helping U.S. Navy veterans, Ohio’s attorney general and the U.S. Marshals Service announced Tuesday.

The man, who uses the false identify of Bobby Thompson, was indicted in Ohio in 2010 on theft, money laundering and other charges related to the Florida-based charity. He disappeared in June 2010. Little, if any, of the money collected by the charity was used to benefit veterans, authorities have said.

Authorities acting on a tip tracked Thompson to a bar in Portland, Ore., on Monday night, followed him home and made the arrest, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said. He had multiple fake ID cards from Canada and a backpack containing cash, DeWine said.

The charity was called the U.S. Navy Veterans Association and it spanned 41 states.
Enjoy lockup, punk. This sort of scammery gets my blood boiling.

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  1. Hopefully, the facility in which this piece of dirt is incarcerated uses the powdered variety of soap in the showers. It takes a long time to pick it up. A very long time.

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