Zoe Saldana Wants Little Critters?

Zoe Saldana

Quote of the day comes to you semi-live from Avatar star Zoe Saldana. Apparently, she wants little critters. Not a dog or dogs, but kids!?!:

“I’m Latin—we start young, honey. At 22, you’re like: ‘I have an itch to hold something. I just want to have a little critter,'” she said on the Lifetime chat show, which is produced by Demi Moore. “I was dating my partner (Keith Britton) and you want to be respectful, you want to be mindful. He wasn’t ready. For years he wasn’t ready. Then when he got ready, I didn’t have time.”

I missed this interview. Of course, it was on Lifetime, television for women. I don’t even get that channel. Or do I?

5 thoughts on “Zoe Saldana Wants Little Critters?”

  1. You don’t watch television for women? Me neither. But I’m sorry I missed the “critter” comment. We have lots of critters here in OK. In fact, the dog kilt a snake and left it on the porch for me this morning.

  2. So I normally don’t comment on celebrity posts because, well, they are just idiots. But I just have to say that it really, really irritates me when celebrities treat motherhood as if it’s like getting a new accessory or something…..

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