Christie Brinkley and the US Navy

After three New Yawk posts in row, I suppose today’s theme is New York City.
So, I have a question:
I am 99% sure these are actual Sailors in this photo with Christie Brinkley.
What do you think?

Christie Brinkley and some Sailors. Supermodel Christie Brinkley makes her Broadway stage debut as Roxie Hart in the Broadway musical production of Chicago.

Unless there were Sailors in the Chicago cast? I slept through it. I don’t do musicals.
Well, with the possible exception: if I am in my bath.
With my loofah. And my rubber ducky, Esmeralda.
Oh, what a beautiful mornin’. . . 

5 thoughts on “Christie Brinkley and the US Navy

  1. With those sh#t-eatin’ grins? Yeah, I’d say they’re real sailors …………………………. 😉

    Semper Fi’

  2. Christie Brinkley is 57 years old. I’d like to look like that when I am her age.

  3. Yes they r fer real.lil.I remember her saying to one of the sailors that her daughter was named sailor

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