Whistling Down Crime

New York City used to be a cesspool. 42nd Street was once littered with needles and Columbians hookers. It has since cleaned up its act. But still there are random acts of violence in the Big Apple. Good thing we have whistles:

Older people in neighborhoods just south of Bronx Park say they hear gunfire outside their windows nearly every night. They are targets for muggers and scammers as well.

Robberies are up 41% in the 48th Precinct, which encompasses West Farms and other neighborhoods in Community board 6. There were 89 robberies as of Apr. 15 of last year, and there have been 126 robberies for the same period this year, according to NYPD statistics.

Last week about 60 senior citizens, some with canes and walkers, packed a meeting room at Casella Plaza senior housing in West Farms to learn ways to protect themselves.

CB 6 organized the Whistle Blower Safety Initiative, and armed the seniors with whistles.“If you feel someone is going to bring you harm, this is an alert device,” CB 6 District Manager Ivine Galarza said, “ You can just whistle and, definitely, the person will run.”

You can just whistle and, definitely, the person will run?
I have a bad feeling about this.

5 thoughts on “Whistling Down Crime”

  1. We live in a world of political correctness, Navy One and they’ll run but only if we relocate to the Land of Oz and carry that bucket of water for the Wicked Witch of the Wast, just in case….talk about the amazing and gross stupidity….and I thought the world couldn’t get any more ridiculous…and it’s getting worse….k

  2. Two questions:

    1. Do the security details for city officials carry whistles or firearms?

    2. How long before there’s a waiting period to purchase a whistle?

  3. You know how to whistle don’t you? Just put your lips together and blow. – Lauren Bacall to Humphrey Bogart.

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