The Super Shorty Shotgun

When is your next birthday? How would-ja like a little popgun for a gift? Tell everyone you want a Super Shorty Shotgun this time around:

The Super Shorty Shotgun is based on a Mossberg Maverick 12-gauge, and, at an additional cost, is also available in models Mossberg 500, Remington 870, and Lil’ Kim. Factory-fabricated with a pistol grip, the Super Shorty is a member of the AOW category and, thusly, comes with an attached Federal Transfer tax of a mere Abe Lincoln (he’s the one on the fiver, the one who hunted vampers, right?

The Super Shorty Shotgun is based on a Mossberg Maverick

10 thoughts on “The Super Shorty Shotgun”

  1. I WANT!! We have a traditional Mossberg single barrel, that’s too long and awkward for me {of course, the FodGuy says HE never has a problem – he’s 6’2″, I’m 5’6″ }

    Just went for my CHL class yesterday – shot 234 out of 275, missed 2 questions on the 50 question test. Oh, and I met R. Lee Ermey, GySgt, USMC, too 😉 {WHISPER: I even HUGGED him! 😉 }

    Semper Fi’

  2. We’ve been doing lots of gun hunting – I mean hunting for a new gun – since our conceal and carry class. For the Super Shorty, I would have to get a bigger purse.

    1. My little Bersa .380 will do just fine, purse/shoulder/trousers/ankle …………………………… I’m kinda proud of the score, since the first time I fired a pistol was September 2011 ……………………………….. 😉

      Semper Fi

  3. DM: You met the Gunny? That is great. You shot the lights out, btw. Good job!
    Lou: My vote is to get a new purse. You NEED this gun.

  4. Sorry, but that is just plain stupid… You would NOT be able to control that and actually hit much with it… TRAINED folks have problems handling 14 inch barrels and pistol grips… Just sayin!

  5. With a gun like this, it will hard to be accurate. Good for very close in protection. Not much else.

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