What Not to Do in Chicago

Third Line, Zachary McKee

Working in the Navy, I’ve seen Sailors (and myself) do some dumb things off the job. Still, whatever shenanigans we pull will always pale in comparison to this guy:

CHICAGO, Ill. — A man died after climbing onto an elevated train track to urinate and was electrocuted by the third rail.
The Cook County medical examiner ruled 27-year-old Zachary McKee died of accidental electrocution.

The Indiana man was at the Purple Line station in Evanston when the accident happened.

I usually avoid these kind of Darwin Award postings, but this one got me. Cook County, per capita, is one of the smartest counties in the country*. But every now and then, a person of average intelligence slips through.

* There is no way that anyone would ever fall for that, not if you know anything about Cook County. But I’ll leave it in. Absurdity has a joy (and a wince) all its own.

Update: Ah, this story is more complicated than I originally thought. When I first read it, I imagined the victim was some stoned bum with no job. But it turns out Zach was a Marine, with tours to Iraq and the ‘Stan under his belt:

Zachary McKee

Born and raised in Ossian, about 20 miles south of Fort Wayne, Zachary McKee studied for two years at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne before joining the U.S. Marine Corps, according to his father, Mark McKee.

He served four years in the Marines, including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, his family said.

Upon his return from the military, McKee re-enrolled at IUPW, where he studied political science. He was set to graduate in May, start work at the Indiana statehouse and eventually attend law school in the fall, his father said.

“For the first time in his life he finally let his hair down for a few days, and he died from it,” his father said, fighting back tears as he spoke on the phone from the family’s home in Ossian.

Semper Fi, Shipmate. God bless you and your family.

6 thoughts on “What Not to Do in Chicago”

  1. Chicago is where the current Oval Office occupant comes from…I’m beginning to suspect residents of that fair city have been significantly overrated for both intellect and intelligence as of late…and I think we can all secretly and guiltily reflect upon this with a brief moment of schadenfreude…k

  2. On one half, he was a Marine…which explains a lot. On the other half, he was probably a Democrat, which adds to the explication. One less Obama supporter. I see it as a good thing.

    1. Ah, yes, Coffeypot, but you know that despite the poor man (and I happen to like Marines) having gone on to his just reward, he still can vote for Obama from a cemetery, doncha know? At least, that’s what I’ve heard…

  3. Angie said: You people have no idea what you are talking about. He was a republican and a hero who served in the Marines. I doubt any of you have served for our country. Have some respect for the dead. He was about to graduate with a politcal science degree. We all mess up when alcohol is involved. Look at all of the positvie he did instead of the negative, but you don’t know him obviously. Those of us who did know him and are grieving don’t need to hear your rude comments!

    My reply: Look, I feel bad for the man. And oddly enough, everyone commenting on this article was/is in the military. You need to read what I wrote before you go off all half-cocked. Read my last line: “Semper Fi, Shipmate. God bless you and your family.”

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